Minutes, January 30, 2004

Friday, January 30, 2004

New York Library Association

Academic and Special Libraries Association

Executive Board Meeting

Phone conference

Attending: Cara Molyneaux, Sheri Webber, Kathleen Gundrum, Debby Emerson, Elaine Lasda, Jean Sheviak, Chris Walker, Adina Mulliken, David Chatham, Jane Verostek

Not present: Carol Anne Germain, Dave Harrelson, Frank Queener

1. Call to order 10:05am.

2. Introductions

3. Agenda was distributed via email by Jane.

 Motion to approve by Dave, seconded by Elaine, all in favor, motion passed.

4. Minutes for the last membership meeting and the last executive board meeting were submitted by Sheri and distributed via email by Adina.

Jane noted that the times of call to order and adjournment were incorrect on the executive board meeting minutes.

Motion to approve as amended by Cara, seconded by Debby, all in favor, motion passed.

5. Financial Report:

End of year report for 2003. Recommendation was made to amend the wording regarding the ASLS gift toward Susan Keitel’s fund raising effort. Motion to approve as amended by Elaine, seconded by Cara, all in favor, motion passed.

6. Jane announced new committee appointments:

  • Jean Sheviak-Legislative committee
  • Carol Anne Germaine- Membership committee
  • Adina Mulliken- Web committee

7. Committee Reports

a. Communications, Newsletter

A target date of February 13 was agreed on for sending newsletter submissions to Jean. Jane will contribute the president’s letter. Dave will send a report on conference programs. The newsletter should also contain nomination information, award information, new officers and the change in bylaws.

Jean will continue to produce the newsletter at CDLC and mail it first class. An Access database from NYLA is being used to make the mailing labels, which is less expensive than buying labels from NYLA.

Dave will send a summary of 2003 conference programs to Jane.

b. Legislative Committee

Jean reported that the Legislative Committee was meeting at the same time as the Executive Board. The Governor’s budget includes a 5% cut for libraries. This may be difficult to rescind and it may be firmed up early. Jean asked people to send letters asking their legislators to support libraries and thanking them for previous support. There is a push to get funding for Novell databases this year.

c. Membership Committee

Jane reported for Carol Anne. Carol Anne has student workers working on a database of special libraries. Carol Anne plans to ask the special libraries for marketing ideas for a poster session at the conference and for a column in the newsletter. It was suggested that Carol Anne could get help from the 3 R’s. Elaine volunteered to help with the project.

Dave said he had offered for his Library to pay membership dues for his staff this year.

Jane mentioned that we need a theme for the booth that involves Rochester this year.

d. Nominating Committee

Cara reported that we have to fill slots for officers and for three directors. We need a Vice President/President Elect and a Treasurer. The slate does not have to be contested according to the bylaws. Cara will solicit nominations. Please email her with any suggestions.

Awards: Ridley internship- need to solicit from institutions in all geographic areas.

Spirit of Librarianship award- needs to be put in the newsletter

Conference scholarship- it was decided to have this scholarship only if there is no Dewey money from NYLA. Jane will check about this. Whichever award is available will be announced in the newsletter.

e. Web Committee

Adina reported that the Board of Directors and contact ASLS information is updated. Sheri had made various suggestions for navigation improvement and errors that needed to be fixed which Adina took care of. Join the Listserv information was deleted because the listserv has not been created. Volume 36 of the newsletter was put on the website.

Chris will amend the text of the bylaws to reflect the changes voted at the last meeting and give them to Adina to put on the web.

Jane will send the new president’s message to Adina for the web.

Chris will put a request for information about the names of past presidents in the newsletter and Jean will ask someone who may know about it.

Adina will put award nomination forms on the web for people to print and mail in. Cara will get copies of the forms from Carol and send to Adina.

Adina will email the link for the web page with 2003 conference pictures to the Board so that everyone can contribute captions. Adina is working on adding more pictures. A library school student is interested in working with ASLS and she may be able to help with this.

8. Old business

Jane reported for David H. who is taking care of the Library School track. It was agreed to cover photocopying expenses for Dave. We need to think about nominations for this position for next year.

David C. reported on conference programs for 2004.

The 3Rs have agreed to sponsor the "Continuing Assessment, Continuing Improvement" program that ASLS originally proposed. ASLS programs include:

  • ASLS Board Meeting
  • Teaching as Performance (Jane Verostek, presider)
  • Virtual Libraries (Chris Walker or Jean Sheviak, presider)
  • Digitizing Special Collections (Kathy Gundrum, presider)
  • Hidden Treasures of Rochester (Debby Emerson, presider)
  • Building Information Literacy Dialogue (Carol Anne Germain, presider)
  • Glimpsing the Future (Jean Sheviak, presider)

David C. requested that everyone work with him on a February 13 target date to have the first draft of the complete program information. He will be out of town Feb 14-22 and the draft is due to NYLA on Feb 27.

David C. announced he will be resigning because he has accepted a position at Presbyterian College in South Carolina. He offered to continue working on the programs until mid April or so. Cara made a motion that the Executive Board will take action to fill the position in accordance with the bylaws.

Cara and Chris have been working on updating the ASLS handbook.

Cara brought up a proposal for a student library worker award for which CDLC and ENYACRL are seeking assistance. A certificate and a reception will be provided for a winning student library worker from the capital district on 4/21 at CDLC. Elaine moved that ASLS give our support and $100 for the award. Cara seconded. The check should be sent to CDLC.

9. New business

It was decided to have the next meeting on April 23 from 10am-3pm in the capital district. The exact location will be determined and the NYLA office is first choice if it is available. Jane will announce the location.

Discussion re: the cost of the conference call, which was very reasonable.

The following meeting will be on August 10 in Syracuse.

10. Adjournment

At 11:50 Cara moved to adjourn, Jane seconded.

Submitted by Adina Mulliken on 1/30/04.