Minutes, April 23, 2004

Friday, April 23, 2004

New York Library Association

Academic and Special Libraries Association

Executive Board Meeting

Albany, NYLA Office



Attending: Carol Anne Germain, Kathleen Gundrum, Elaine Lasda, Adina Mulliken, Jean Sheviak, Chris Walker, Jane Verostek, Sheri Webber

Not present: Debby Emerson, David Chatham, Dave Harrelson, Cara Molyneaux, Frank Queener

Guest: Mike Borges

1. Call to order 10:30am.

2. Agenda was distributed via email by Jane. Jane moved Carol Anne’s topic as Carol Anne came later in the day. Approved, seconded, all in favor, motion passed.

3. Minutes for the last executive board meeting were distributed via email by Adina after the last meeting and again before the 4/23 meeting by Jane. Motion to approve by Jane, seconded, all in favor, motion passed.

4. Jane distributed copies of an email about NYLA’s new executive director.

5. Mike Borges, Executive Director, introduced himself. He asked ASLS if we were interested to help sponsor a lunch in New York City on June 4th to encourage NY State library schools and NYLA to work together more closely. The seven Deans of library schools in the state and Richard Mills, Commissioner of Education, are invited. ASLS representatives could attend and speak at the lunch. Mike suggested a contribution of $250-$500 would be helpful.

6. Discussion of sponsoring the lunch. Jane motioned that ASLS give $400 to sponsor the lunch. Sheri seconded. All in favor, motion passed. It was suggested that ASLS ask about getting recognition, for example, by having our name on the program or having an ASLS representative speak at the lunch.

During above discussion - group also discussed current ASLS financial standing and upcoming conference expenses. At this time we will be reimbursing one speaker for mileage (Carla List Handley) and six speakers for hotel accommodations. 2003 conference costs were reviewed - $2,436.57 was spent and $1,534.00 was taken in.

7. Financial Report:

First quarter report for 2004 was distributed by Sheri.

8. Committee Reports


a. Communications, Newsletter

The next newsletter will come out in June. Items are due for the newsletter by June 9. Slate of officer nominations, conference information, legislative report, award information, president's letter, a report on the June 4th Commissioner Mills meeting with the deans of the NYS library schools, Ad for ASLS membership meeting, Legislative report (Lobby Day notes), Sheri's fellowship, a note about the ASLS VP vacancy and how it is being handled a thank you to CDLC for all their work on the ASLS newsletter, and treasurer report will be included. Kathy will write a summary about Mike Borges’ visit to the meeting for the newsletter. 

The fall newsletter must be to members by September 8. August 10 is the deadline for submissions. It will include ballots. Other items to be in the fall newsletter include: information on library track programs, information on the booth, the election, membership and bios of nominated ASLS board members.

Presiders should submit descriptions of their programs with information that wasn’t included in the original description in order to get more people interested. Chris will plan to spread these through the newsletter.

Chris will email Adina copies of forms for the Ridley and Conference scholarships to put up on the web in either PDF or Word format. The possibility of putting biographies of the candidates on the website was discussed.

b. Legislative Committee

Jean reported on the NYLA legislative meeting on May 22. There were 500-700 people at NYLA lobby day. Michael Borges had several ideas and advice about raising funds for libraries. A NYLA delegation went to Washington DC.

ASLS had given financial support of $250.00 towards bagels, etc. Jean reported that our support was noted with appropriate signage. Also CDLC participated at the National Library Week Celebration in Albany. Specifically CDLC had informational items at the Capital's spotlight on libraries and library services held in the Capitol Complex.

c. Membership Committee

Carol Anne arrived and reported on the NYLA membership meeting. They are planning to redo the NYLA membership brochure by June and the organizational membership brochure by the end of the summer. They are asking for suggestions for the membership website.

Retaining members for more than three years has been a problem. Suggestions have been making phone calls to new members, distributing a list of new members to ASLS Board, sending invitations to ASLS members in the Rochester area to the ASLS membership meeting, putting magnets in the new members packet, sending postcards during the second year of membership, calling new members before Lobby Day to encourage their participation, phone calls to lapsed members, automatic membership renewal, and a survey to see what new members want from NYLA. The membership committee is exploring automatic renewals. The membership committee is planning recognition for long-term members. We will explore the idea of listing new ASLS members (and short bios) in ASLS newsletters. we will also explore the idea of surveying ASLS members.

Carol Anne suggested “Magic of ASLS” for a theme for the booth. She asked anyone to email suggestions to her for the booth. - Carol Anne will handle reserving a table and booth space and we will check into how the voting is handled for "best booth".

d. Nominating Committee

N. J. Wolfe - from FIT (for Director position)

Lori Wies - from Union College (for Director position)

Kathy Gundrum - currently an ASLS Director - was nominated for VP/P/PP position

Elaine Lasda - currently an ASLS Director - was nominated for Treasurer position

All of the above accepted the nomination

Kathy motioned that Jane and Cara will keep their positions until 2005. Sheri seconded. Motion passed.

Sheri announced that she accepted a fellowship at Florida State in Tallahassee to get a PhD. Elaine will immediately begin the treasurer position.

Cara has not received nominations for the awards yet. Three emails will go out for each award. 7/16 will be the deadline for all nominations for awards. Decisions can be made at the 8/10 ASLS Board meeting.

e. Web Committee  
Dina will check that the scholarship award says it is for full registration (only). We will add past recipients of awards.

Adina reported that the updated bylaws and the last newsletter have been added to the website. Pictures and captions from the 2003 conference were also added.

9. Old business


Conference planning- Jane passed out announcements of sessions for 2004 conference. Email Jane about audiovisual equipment and housing at the same time. ASLS members will bring projectors. We discussed when the membership meeting should be and Thursday from 6-7 was suggested. Jane will ask Debby Emerson for places near the hotel to have the membership meeting. A separate room is preferred.

Dave will preside at the library school track events if the school doesn’t offer a presider. We only need to provide table, screen, and podium, according to Dave. ASLS decided to provide microphones as well.

Several people were suggested to do the library school track in the future. The possibility of having two people or a committee to do it was discussed.

10. New business  

Jean reported that the CDLC student award reception was successful and 14 students attended. ASLS financially assisted with this with a contribution of $100.00. 16 students (from academic and public libraries) were nominated and all received awards/recognition. CDLC hosted a student award ceremony/reception and gave out award certificates and portfolios and pens. The 14 students who attended were accompanied by their supervisor and the assistant dean and faculty from the Albany library school were also in attendance. CDLC plans to coordinate this again in 2005. The students were very happy with the recognition they received!

11. Adjournment


At 2:10 Elaine moved to adjourn.

Submitted by Adina Mulliken.