Minutes, July 19, 2004

Monday July 19, 2004

New York Library Association

Academic and Special Libraries Association

Executive Board Meeting

Moon Library - SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry


Present: Debby Emerson, Carol Anne Germain, Elaine Lasda, Cara Molyneaux, Jean Sheviak, Jane Verostek (minutes)

Not Present: Kathy Gundrum, Frank McQueener, Adina Mulliken


1. Call to order – 10:40 a.m.

2. Minutes of our Friday, April 23, 2004 Academic and Special Libraries Association

Executive Board Meeting were approved. They should now be loaded onto ASLS webpage.

3. Review of financial report - Elaine Lasda.

Elaine needs to contact Ridley’s for scholarship money. It was noted that we need the money by the end of the calendar year.

It was noted that the Ridley’s contact information should be on file (in the ASLS manual we are working on compiling).

Elaine will not be attending the NYLA conference – Jane will ask Adina if she can attend the NYLA Treasurers Meeting Saturday October 23, 2004 8:30 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.

Jean noted that there should be a treasurer’s report in the next ASLS newsletter (financial status since the last treasurer report – since the January issue). August 10th is the deadline for newsletter submissions.

For comparison - Our balance June 2003 - $11,442 and our balance June 2004 - $10,426

4. Communications/Newsletter Committee - Jean Sheviak/Chris Walker.

August 10th deadline for newsletter submissions.

August 27th need to mail out newsletters.

September 9th newsletter needs to be in member hands

Ballots needs to come back by September 30th.

Contents for the August newsletter -

  • Candidate bios – statements.
  • Conference program blurbs scattered throughout the issue..
  • Dave – library school program sessions and an outgoing letter from Dave.
  • Invitation to members meeting.
  • Booth information – theme, etc.
  • Treasurer’s report.
  • Announcement of ASLS award and grant “winners”.
  • 8 page with ballot inside or have ballot as tear off page.
  • ASLS President letter (conference information, etc.)


5. Legislative Committee - Jean Sheviak.

A mini legislative day was held in Albany on June 8, 2004. Jean attended and reported on this in the summer 2004 ASLS newsletter. Jean noted that two bills have passed both houses of the legislature One for a love your library license plate and one that establishes dates by which library aid is to be paid.

6. Membership Committee - Carol Anne Germain.

Carol Anne brought a sample of an ASLS postcards that have the ASLS logo in color with note about “missing you”. This is a reminder to rejoin ASLS and will be sent to lapsed members (51 individuals and 1 organization). 

Carol Anne called the 15 new ASLS members personally. She will send a follow up card asking if people would like more information.

The booth theme – Magic of being 50.

Debby will contact local Rochester man that is a balloon artist – availability for Thursday 11:15 – 1:00 and 3:00 – 4:15 and prices/fees/purple balloons with 50 for our 50th year as ASLS. Also can library related balloon shapes be done?

Update from 7-21-04 Jack Porcello’s rate is $200 per hour. He said he would do our full time on Thursday, Oct. 21 (11:15 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.) for $450.

Jean and Cara will pick up wine for membership meeting raffle.

Carol Anne will contact Hidden Treasures speakers for raffle item ideas from their gift shops.

7. Nominating Committee - Cara Molyneaux.

Candidates for current open positions are running unopposed. 

Cara will remind new board members they should come to the ASLS board meeting held during the NYLA conference – Wednesday October 20th starting at 7:00 p.m.

No applications have been received for the ASLS conference scholarship. We will each think about possible applicants from our institutions – especially Debby who may be able to suggest a local – Rochester scholarship candidate. Letters of interest should be sent to Cara ASAP. 

Two applications were received for the Ridley’s grant (one involving CDLC and the other SUNY ESF). Board meeting attendees met without Jane and Jean to determine the grant recipient. SUNY ESF was chosen as the recipient and this news was shared with Betsy Elkins, Director of Libraries at SUNY ESF. It was suggested that for 2005 the Ridley’s grant be opened to all of NYS. Cara so moved, Elaine seconded and all were in favor of this. Carol Anne will work on a “You’re Invited to apply…” announcement that will be distributed at the conference at each ASLS session and at the booth. It was also noted that we will go back to the deadlines – timeline we used to use for the Ridley’s Grant. For 2005 applications will need to be sent in by March. Also the application needs to be revised and loaded on our webpage. Cara and Adina will work on this. Cara will contact John Wingate at Ridley’s to review the new timetable for 2005.

One letter was received for the ASLS Spirit of Librarianship Award. The letter was for John Shaloiko, Executive Director of the Southeastern New York Library Resources Council. The letter was reviewed and the award will be given to the nominee. Cara will call the recipient to tell him of his nomination and receipt of this award and to confirm that they will be at the conference. Cara will also follow up with a congratulatory note. Cara will keep the board up to date and let us know if Mr. Shaloiko will be attending the conference. Also the award news will be shared on the Regional Library Council listservs.

8. Web Liaison - Adina Mulliken.

No formal web report was provided.

Jean noted that Carol Legacy has made more progress researching the history of ASLS. Jean will send the document via e-mail to all ASLS board – committee members.

Present ASLS board members and committee members reviewed the current document and agreed the information should be loaded on our webpage. Jean will pass the document to Adina to load.

It was noted as we reviewed the document that 2004 is the 50th anniversary of ASLS (previously know as CUHLS).

With this exciting anniversary this year it was decided the booth will be “the magic of being 50”.

Jean will contact Carol to see if there are archival ASLS items we can display at the booth.

It was suggested that we use the term “CUHList” somewhere at the booth.

Carol Anne suggested we raffle $50.00 gift certificates to Borders. Cara said she would check into this as she has contact at Borders.

Jane will use NYLA’s Memberclicks to e-mail ASLS members about volunteering at the ASLS booth and monitoring for ASLS sessions.

Jane will look into having a fake 50th anniversary cake created to use as our raffle box and will also look into having a cake at the Membership meeting (can Barrister’s Pub supply a cake?). Jean and/or Chris will send Jane via e-mail the ASLS logo.

9. NYLA Conference Program Planning.

We are on track with our program planning.

Hotel information for speakers was collected at the board meeting and was sent to NYLA on 7-21-04. On 7-21-04 free conference day passes for speakers for all regular ASLS sessions were requested.

It was noted that presiders of sessions that have requested Internet need to tell their speakers to be prepared with a backup presentation in case there are problems with the Internet connection.

For room monitors for regular ASLS sessions

  • Jean volunteered for The Online library @ Empire State College. 
  • Cara volunteered for Let’s Digitize our Special Collections.
  • Carol Anne volunteered for Teaching as Performance.

For the remaining regular ASLS sessions Jane will contact other ASLS board members and incoming ASLS board members. After that Jane will send a message to ASLS members via NYLA’s Memberclicks.

Jane will check with Dave Harralson on the Presider and Monitor needs of the ASLS library track sessions.

10. Membership Meeting – Location and Menu.

The membership meeting will be Thursday October 21, 2004 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. at Barrister’s Pub 36 W Main St.

The meeting will be in a private room in the lower level of the pub. A full bar will be available for us to access on the main floor of the pub.

The menu will be one crudite platter that serves 50 people for a cost of $75.00 and 30 assorted bruchettas at a cost of $3.95 per person. A cake will also be ordered.

11. ASLS Library School Track

Jean contacted Gail Staines (Executive Director of the Western NY Library Resources Council) about taking over for Dave Harralson. Gail agreed to take this responsibility on.

Carol Anne contacted Rachel Baum (Assistant to the Dean of Information Science at Albany) about taking over for Dave Harralson. Rachel was very interested in this and Carol Anne will contact Ms. Baum to follow up on this.

Present Board and committee members felt it would be good to have two people involved in this. Jean and Carol Anne will share Gail’s and Rachel’s contact information with each other. Jane will contact Dave Harralson about his availability during the conference to set up a meeting with Dave, Gail and Rachel.

12. ASLS Listserv

Present board and committee members discussed the option of using an ASLS listserv and determined that NYLA’s Memberclicks serves our needs. We will not set up a special ASLS listserv at this time.

13. Commission of Education and the deans of New York State Library Schools Meeting Update.

Michael Borges - Executive Director of NYLA has tentatively scheduled this meeting for early in the morning on Saturday October 23 during the conference. The time will be I believe 7:00 or 7:30 to 8:30.

ASLS reps present at this meeting will be:

  • Jean Sheviak
  • Carol Anne Germain
  • Jane Verostek
  • Gail Staines (possibly)
  • Rachel Baum (possibly)

Note – ASLS donated $400 in support of this meeting.

14. Adjourned at 2:25 p.m.

Next board meeting will be at the NYLA conference – Wednesday October 21 at 7:00 p.m.

Hope to see everyone there!