Minutes, October 20, 2004

Wednesday October 20, 2004

New York Library Association

Academic and Special Libraries Association

Executive Board Meeting

Clarion Hotel, Rochester, NY



Present: Carol Legasse, Dave Haralson, Cara Molyneaux, Carol Anne Germain, Jean Sheviak, Chris Walker, Lisabeth Chabot, Kathleen Gundrum, Adina Mulliken, Debby Emerson, Jane Verostek 

Not present: NJ Wolfe, Lori Weis, Elaine Lasda


1. Meeting called to order 7:15pm.

2. NY 3Rs conference was added to the agenda.

3. Jane will email the new email list to everyone.

4. Minutes were approved.

5. Dave talked about the Library School track. 6 of 7 schools in the state are participating. St. Johns is not. The Deans are pleased to be doing this. Dave will send an email about his meeting with Rachel and Gail. Kathy discussed strengthening NYLA by including Library schools. Corrections were made to the Library track table document. Adina will monitor the session for Albany.

6. Jane included the financial report in the packets she distributed to everyone.

7. Communications

The next newsletter will go out January 28. Copy should go to Jean by January 7. Items in the newsletter will include:

ASLS 3R’s conference

News from Council

Conference wrap up

Award winners

President’s message

New Board Members and Gail and Rachel


An article from the last intern

Dave’s meeting with Gail and Rachel

Treasurer’s report

CE session

Congratulations were given to Chris on the newsletter.

8. Cara will send a form for the web to Adina.

9. Legislative committee

12 million is being sought from the legislature for next year. It will include something for many Library constituencies. We will probably be asked to support Lobby Day activities for next year.

10. Booth

The booth will have bubbles, a blow up birthday cake, balloon hats, raffle of Border’s gift certificates. Carol Anne will do the booth again next year.

11. Nominating

Cara will do nominating committee again next year. She asked for suggestions for directors for next year. Also a Vice president/President elect.

12. Jane and Chris will send pictures of the conference to Adina for the web.

13. Spirit of Librarianship award was discussed.

14. 2004 conference programmers meeting key contacts were given by Jane.

Thanks were given to Jane for organizing the conference programs.

New Business

15. The student recognition award ceremony was successful and will be done again this year. Cara moved that $100 be given for this award again next year. Jane seconded. All in favor, motion passed.

16. The Dean’s meeting will be 7am, Sat. Oct. 23. Gail Staines and Rachel Baum will be there.

17. The next Board meeting will be Thurs., Feb. 3, 2005. We will have a conference call if the weather is bad. Kathy will try to schedule space at NYLink. If not, Jean will check for space in Albany.

18. Discussion of programs for next conference. (See attached list from Kathy.)

19. 3R’s and ASLS have held an academic library directors meeting every other year in the fall. Jean asked if ASLS Board members could volunteer time to support this. It may be in Saratoga. Carol Anne and Chris volunteered to help. Cara moved that ASLS sponsor and support the conference for NY 3Rs for directors and senior administrators for academic libraries for fall 2005. All in favor, motion passed.

20. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Submitted by Adina Mulliken

NYLA 2005 ASLS Program Proposal Suggestions

Continuing Education Pre-Conference: grant writing

Need to determine whether it will be a half-day or full-day, and whether to use one speaker or several speakers

Presider: needed

1. Board Meeting 

Presider: Jane Verostek

2. Membership Meeting:

Discussion about combining this with recognition/program with Ridley internship award winners, and moving it to a breakfast slot [NOTE: at members meeting, membership preferred PM hour time slot]

3. PDAs/Ipod use in libraries and how to get ready to use them in the future

A representative from Apple computers was mentioned as a potential speaker 

Presider: Lisabeth Chabot

4. Hidden Treasures of Buffalo

Focus on the University at Buffalo's unique collections, etc.

Presider: Carol Anne Germain

5. Marketing topic

Need a topic to attract academic and special libraries; could make it a general marketing topic; could possibly bring in a speaker from UB's business school

Presider: Jane Verostek

6. Local Digital Collection Development/the use of digital collections in libraries

For 2004 conference, had speakers from RIT and University of Rochester; in western NY, could see if Albright Knox Art Gallery or Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society is doing anything? Or UB?

Presider: needed [NJ Wolfe was mentioned as a possibility given the work they are doing at FIT]

7. Successful Searches/Recruitment of Libraries

Someone from the library school perhaps? Or from human resources department of UB library?

Presider: needed

8. Architecture topic

Could focus on the shifting of library collections from physical to virtual, and how libraries are changing, and making the best use of, their space

Presider: needed

Additional topics mentioned:

  • Shared digital repositories or other cooperative efforts/sharing of resources
  • Glimpsing the future…..
  • Adaptive technology/ergonomics
  • Copyright in the digital age