Minutes, April 20, 2005

April 20, 2005

New York Library Association 

Academic and Special Libraries Association

Executive Board Meeting

Conference Call


Present: Lisabeth Chabot, Debby Emerson, Carol Anne Germain, Kathleen Gundrum, Cara Molyneaux, Adina Mulliken, Jean Sheviak, Chris Walker, Loraine Wies

Not Present: Rachel R. Baum, Elaine Lasda Bergman, Jane Verostek


Meeting called to order 10:10am


Agenda approved with addition of Dewey fellowship item.

Minutes from 2/3/05 meeting approved

Financial Report discussed. There were no questions.

Committee reports


The Winter newsletter went out. The next one will be for the summer. The items in last year’s Summer newsletter provide a good outline of what is needed this summer. It was decided to emphasize the Continuing Ed with a full page. Chris reported that the Summer newsletter needs to go out by July 22 and articles should be in to her by July 8. The Fall newsletter needs to be mailed by September 2 to get to members on time.

Legislative Committee

Jean reported that the Legislative Committee met last week. The Governor signed the budget, which restores 4.5 million to libraries. Additional funding was on the agenda until late at night but was not approved because it could not be decided where it should come from. There may be an attempt to do a supplemental budget.

Leg Day went well.

Library systems were explained to a new legislator (Bob Riley?).

Carol Anne reported that she spoke with Bob Riley about the importance of library systems too.

Membership Committee

Carol Anne reported that she’s starting a tips for new librarian’s column. Library schools are interested in the conference. Carol Anne had feedback that people are reading the newsletter. She is having some trouble getting a list of who joined or continued their ASLS membership and people gave her suggestions she will follow up on about this.

Nominating Committee

Cara reported that she has a full slate with one candidate for each position. They are:

  • Vice President/President Elect, Debby Emerson
  • Secretary/ Web Liaison, Erin Rushton
  • Director, Karen Gardner Athey


Carol Anne wrote a letter of nomination.

Two people have expressed interest in the conference scholarship.

Names have to be in by tomorrow for the Dewey fellowship. The criteria were read. The possibility of asking for an extension was dismissed. Cara suggested giving the conference scholarship that ASLS has given in the past as well as the Dewey fellowship. Lis moved to nominate Chris Walker. Debby seconded. All approved. Chris reported that her mouth was hanging open.

July 1st is the deadline for the Conference scholarship and the Internship award.

Web Liaison

Adina reported that Cara had given information for awards that were then updated on the website.

Old Business

NYLA Conference program planning

Kathy reported that no ASLS program speakers were available on Saturday so we might have more than one ASLS program in the same slot. Kathy asked for input about this. Cara questioned whether NYLA will allow us to do that. Kathy hasn’t heard from NYLA yet but she said other sections sometimes prefer weekends. It was decided that since the ASLS programs are likely to attract different audiences, it would be okay to have more than one in a time slot.

AV forms are due June 24. Kathy asked program planners to confirm AV and Internet needs with their speakers.

Housing forms are due July 2. Kathy will send out the form. She asked that program planners discuss this with their speakers to find out what they need, such as train, tolls, airfare.

Several people thanked Kathy for a good job.

Library School Track

Cara reported for Rachel that everything is set for the Library School Track. Also, Rachel is a candidate for NYLA President Elect.

CDLC Outstanding Student Employee Award 

Cara reported they had a nice ceremony last week. Some students were from high schools and public libraries as well as colleges. Union College had 2 winners. One was abroad but the one who was able to attend was very appreciative of the award.

Jean was leading a discussion about recruitment to the profession at ALA and was asked to write an article for the newsletter about this award program. This will get national attention for the award!

3R’s biennial conference for directors and senior administrators of academic libraries

Carol Anne has been working with John Hammond and John Shaloikio on this. She mentioned several people who are being asked to speak. The event will be held in the new Cortyard hotel in Saratoga Springs. It will be announced in the next newsletter. It was suggested that the newsletter be sent to Library directors in New York State and sent to the Deans of library schools. The conference will be on Nov. 10 & 11.

Chris asked Carol Anne about writing an announcement. Carol Anne agreed to coordinate this with John Shaloikio.

New Business

Cara mentioned Jane’s news from the agenda: “Jane sent this information out via e-mail on March 31st - but to reiterate -

Nancy Howe (howe@clrc.org) from CLRC - The Central New York Library Resources Council in Syracuse (http://www.clrc.org) will be joining ASLS (she is already a member of NYLA and SMART) and she will be our representative on the NYLA CE committee (https://www.nyla.org/index.php?page_id=95). I think many of you know Nancy through her work at CLRC. Please join me in welcoming Nancy to our group and thank her volunteering to be the ASLS rep on the NYLA CE Committee.” Everyone agreed this is great news.

Regarding having something from ASLS in each NYLA Bulletin. It was agreed this is a good idea. Several items were suggested including:

  • Info about Carol Anne’s tips column
  • Highlights of the fall conference program (if NYLA allows this)
  • Who from NYLA presented at ACRL
  • An announcement about directors and senior administrators 

Cara will pass these ideas on to Jane. Those who suggested items can pass them along to Michael.

Summer meeting

Either Jane or Cara will have to miss it due to conflicting vacations. It was decided the meeting will be July 8 if Jane can attend. Cara will check with Jane. Debby can’t attend that day but it will be more important for her to attend the next meeting. The summer meeting will be at SUNY Albany.


Debby motioned adjournment and Lis seconded.

The meeting adjourned at 11:10am.