Minutes, July 8, 2005

New York Library Association

Academic and Special Libraries Association

Executive Board Meeting SUNY Albany July 8, 2005


Present: Lisabeth Chabot, Carol Anne Germain, Kathleen Gundrum, Alexander Gyamfi, Cara Molyneaux, Adina Mulliken, Jean Sheviak, Chris Walker, Loraine Wies, N.J. Wolfe, Jane Verostek

Not Present: Rachel R. Baum, Elaine Lasda Bergman, Debby Emerson, Gail Staines

Meeting called to order 10:25am

Agenda approved

Minutes from 4/20/05 meeting approved with corrections. Jane motioned, Cara seconded, all approved.

No financial report. Jane will check with Elaine about it.

Committee reports 


Chris said she needs the slate of candidates for the newsletter. It was decided to put a list of names and employers in this newsletter. Bios will be in the next newsletter. This is what has been done before. Cara will get any info still needed to Chris. Additional candidates can be added by August 31. The newsletter will be mailed between July 22-27. Chris mentioned that 1st class postage has been worth the expense. There was discussion regarding keeping newsletter in print. No one objected to this.

August 26th is the deadline to send Chris items for the next newsletter. Cara will send bios by August 20th. Jane has asked the student who is working on the Ridley project, Dan Muzyka, to contribute an article. The slate, ballot, scholarship announcement and membership meeting announcement will also be in this issue. The program descriptions, including Library track, will be scattered through the issue. Carol Anne is working on articles including tips for new librarians about attending a conference. Most of these articles can be used in any newsletter issue. Jane thanked Chris for her work.


Jean reported that leg day was successful. Legislators lined up to get a Read poster and got their pictures taken. Lobbying efforts were noticed. The June event was to discuss issues other than budgets. The Library license plate is for sale.Issues include: support for summer reading program, mandated school library media specialists for elementary schools, library construction and support in high need areas. Lori asked how she could be more aware of these issues. Jean said she will put information in the ASLS newsletter. Jane has sent information via Memberclicks before but she got no response and so wasn’t sure it was useful. Jean mentioned Nyline listserv as another source of information for people who want to subscribe.


Spring into Action is a theme for membership. A drawing for a free conference registration is being offered for members who recruit new members. NYLA membership dues may be reduced. This would have to be voted on by the NYLA membership. Cara asked what percentage of the budget is from dues. Jean thought less than 30 percent. Carol Anne mentioned articles about awards, grants, and funding sources as possibilities for the newsletter.

The booth committee is

  • Carol Anne Germain cg219@albany.edu
  • Alexander Gyamfi agyamfi@uamail.albany.edu
  • Irina Holden iholden@albany.edu
  • Stephanie Hranjec shranjec@monroecc.edu
  • Erin Rushton erushton@binghamton.edu
  • Jane Verostek jmveros@esf.edu
  • Chris Walker cwalker@cdlc.org

For the booth, libraries will select a book title for a display of fake book building blocks, made out of styrofoam, that will represent a library building. Jean will put the flyer about this on the listserv. Kathy will register for the booth and find out the size of it. Two chairs were requested. Lori’s library is getting new computers so she can donate the Styrofoam packing material. A new ASLS banner is needed. Cara motioned that Chris and Jean pursue it. Lori seconded. No objections. They’ll send a quote to the group. Discussion about the banner. It was agreed at N.J.’s suggestion that “NYLA” should be both on the banner and on the ASLS newsletter’s cover somewhere. N. J. said he may be able to offer a special material for logos from his institution. A leggo library prize or game to play at the booth was suggested. A literature rack is needed.

Nominating Committee

Cara announced the slate again:

  • Vice President/President Elect- Debby Emerson 
  • Secretary/ Web Liaison- Erin Rushton
  • Director -Karen Gardner Athey

John Wingate, who was winner of the Spirit of Librarianship award, was in a serious car accident. Jane will contact Jean Currie, who lives closer to John than others, about this and see about sending flowers. All approved Erin Rushton for the ASLS conference scholarship. Cara motioned, Jane seconded, all approved CDLC’s proposal for the internship. NYLA needs information by 8/20 and Cara will take care of it.


Adina reported that the information for 2005 conference is up. Adina will let Cara know who on the NYLA Web Committee is doing web training. Michelle Moorhead in Idaho trained Adina.


Jane will follow up with Nancy Howe about minutes from the CE meeting.

Old business

Kathy needs to hear about AV needs from a few people. Only one speaker needs housing. CDLC can bring at least 1 projector but 2 are needed. Presiders will check if their speakers can bring laptops. Revisions in program descriptions can still be made before the final program is printed. Presiders will introduce speakers and distribute evaluation forms. Lis suggested putting a tear off for more information at the bottom of the evaluation form. Presiders should ask speakers if they want to bring handouts. About 75 copies is suggested. Adina will ask the NYLA web committee if there is any problem with putting the handouts on our website.

The CE was put in the afternoon by NYLA but the speaker wanted a morning session. Kathy is not sure yet if she can do something about this. It was agreed the CE should be cancelled if not enough people register to cover the speaker’s fee. Room monitors are needed.

There was discussion about ASLS’s responsibility for the Library track in the future.

There was discussion about the breakfast with the deans. 

Membership meeting is now from 6-7pm. It will cost $225. Jane read the menu.

Jane congratulated Chris on winning the Dewey award. Jane announced that ASLS supported Sandy Galef for the NYLA Outstanding Advocates of Libraries Award.

Carol Anne announced speakers for NY3R’s conference including: Crit Stewarts, Suzanne Thorin, and John Lippincott. Lis suggested raising the price slightly for non-ASLS members.

Cara motioned to adjourn at 1:40pm. The next meeting will be at the conference, Oct. 26 at 7pm. Jane said to mail travel expense forms to Elaine.

Attachments: Spring Into Action membership flyer, Highlight Your Library booth flyer, Writing Professional Statements newsletter article suggestion, Tips for New Librarians newsletter article suggestion, NYLA-Dewey Fellowhip Award criteria, ASLS/Ridley’s Book Bindery Student Internship Grant Application from CDLC, Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, NY3R’s speakers announcement, ASLS Scholarship nomination for Erin Rushton