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Leadership & Management Section (LAMS) Update

Submitted by Frank Rees, LAMS President

LAMS Board 2015 - 2016:

Frank Rees, President
Barbara Madonna, President Elect
Edward M. Falcone, Treasurer
Robert Carle, Secretary
Lauren Comito, Immediate Past President
Carol Anderson & Carol Anne Germaine, JLAMS Co-Editors
Jen Cannell
Julie Dempsey, Membership Chair
Claudia Depkin
Annalee Giraldo
Amanda Perrine
Gillian Thorpe

The next LAMS board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 9 at 10:30am, at the Mid-Hudson Library System Auditorium in Poughkeepsie.  Agenda items include the selection of a new board member to replace Rebecca Lubin, and plans for the coming year.

Conference 2015 Sessions

LAMS Conference sessions were very well attended with over 650 total participants:

  1. 3P’s of Stress: Standing room only with 139+ participants
  2. Meaningful Personnel Evaluations: 72 participants
  3. Small Library Gauntlet: 84 participants
  4. Creating a Thriving 21st Century Library: Standing room only with 139+ participants
  5. Six Domains of Leadership: 50 participants
  6. I Still Don’t Want to Talk About It: 75 participants
  7. LAMS Leadership Luncheon with guest speaker Brett Bonfield: Sold out, 100 participants

JLAMS: New Editors & New Publishing Platform

JLAMS editorship has been passed to Carol Anderson and Carol Anne Germaine due to the retirement of longtime editor Richard Naylor.  Richard has graciously agreed to produce another issue of JLAMS to help the new editors get started. 

JLAMS will be using a new publishing platform—Scholars Archive.  Available through the University at Albany, Scholars Archive is a digital service for gathering, indexing, making available and storing scholarly work.  We are excited about the possibilities of publishing JLAMS with Scholars Archive.