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Submitted by Peg Pelletier, PLRT President

The Paralibrarians Roundtable at NYLA 2015

Lake Placid New York was draped with a banner red-gold dawn light on the last morning of the NYLA conference, reminiscent of the banner (and inaugural) year of the Paralibrarians Roundtable (PLRT) of NYLA. The reception we experienced on the Trade Show floor was phenomenal. Everyone who stopped was interested in the story of paralibrarians working to add their voices to the overall advocacy voice of NYLA.

The PLRT welcomes all library workers to our roundtable. We believe the voice of libraries in New York State can be louder, stronger and more widely heard if we work towards adding support staff voices to that advocacy. Additionally, by bringing librarians and paralibrarians to the same table, the PLRT can increase understanding, awareness, and needs-based educational opportunities that will make libraries not only stronger but more ready to serve our communities in the most relevant way possible.

We would like to thank everyone who attended a program session that was sponsored or co-sponsored by the PLRT. We welcome feedback on those programs or suggestions from anyone on other topics that the PLRT can help bring to NYLA.

The PLRT looks forward to increasing the involvement of paralibrarians within NYLA and raising awareness of the critical part every library worker plays in strengthening New York libraries. The banner raised and waved in support of robust libraries takes many hands. The PLRT is happy to add ours to that effort.