Minutes, October 26, 2005

Wednesday, October 26, 2005 

New York Library Association

Academic and Special Libraries Association

Executive Board Meeting



Present: Elaine Lasda Bergman, Lisabeth Chabot, Deborah Emerson, Carol Anne Germain, Kathleen Gundrum, Cara Molyneaux, Adina Mulliken, Jean Sheviak, Lori Wies, Christine Walker, Jane M. Verostek

Not Present: NJ Wolfe, Rachel Baum, Gail M Staines

Meeting opened 7:10pm



A card was passed around for the ASLS Historian who is ill.

The agenda was approved with two additions. Cara moved. Elaine seconded. The additions were:

  1. role of special libraries in NYLA
  2. leadership manual

Elaine gave the Treasurer’s report. She mentioned that there are various upcoming expenses: 3Rs, Academic Library breakfast, AV equipment. Cara motioned to approve the report and Lori seconded.

Committee Reports


The next newsletter will be in February or March. Articles are welcome. Summaries of programs are okay but we have to be sure not to duplicate what NYLA publishes. Chris mentioned that paper newsletters get read more than electronic. Jane said we could also send a link to it via Memberclicks (or the new service that takes Memberclicks place).

The newsletter will be discussed at the next meeting. Chris will send out the new board members’ contact information. Adina offered continue to maintaining the web until Erin can be trained. Information for the web can be sent to Adina and Erin for now.

Legislative Committee

Jean asked everyone to please look at the ASLS booth.

She said the legislative committee is working on talking points and slogans to make it easy for everyone to talk to funders for Lobby Day. At the booth you can vote for the best slogans. You can also sign a letter to the governor asking him to include Libraries in the budget.

There was discussion about Lobby Day. ASLS contributed last year. This year the function that contribution paid for will be covered by NYLA but ASLS will be asked to contribute to another function, possibly buying T-shirts. It was suggested ASLS contribute a certain amount per member.

Kathy said NYLA asked sections to donate $500 to NYLA. It was suggested the breakfast we already contribute to should count. Elaine said we got $4432.49 in dues last year. There was agreement that it makes sense for the contribution to be a percent of membership. Kathy will tell NYLA so. There was agreement that ASLS wants to support Lobby Day.

Elaine asked what to put in the proposed budget. $350 based on $1 per member (this is an average membership although it fluctuates through the year) was suggested. It was discovered that a $250 contribution for the last Lobby Day was agreed to but there was no paperwork and it was not paid in 2005. It should be paid.

Membership Committee

Carol Anne said membership dues were discussed. Carol Anne and Tim Baird will look at statistics to see if there is a way to change the dues structure to encourage more membership and more dues revenue for NYLA. People often quit after two years when the dues go up and join again when they get far enough in their career to afford it again.

17 people participated in Spring into Action. Academics had the most participation.

The ALA/NYLA memberships don’t say what section people want for NYLA; nor do they give the member’s address. This problem is being worked on. Cara reported it was suggested that NYLA offer a similar joint membership discount with Association of Computing Machinery.

Carol Anne suggested a NYLA mascot to visit public and school libraries. There was discussion in support of this.

Carol Anne sent postcards to lapsed members. She recommended setting a membership goal. She also suggested working on increasing organizational members.

Lis reminded everyone about the idea to have a discount for members at NYLA sponsored events. Carol Anne likes the idea but the bookkeeping has to be figured out.

Carol Anne got 100 titles from 78 libraries for the booth display. She will put an article in the newsletter about the titles contributed.

Jean and Carol Anne agreed to be appointed to the same positions they have now for next year.

Nominating Committee

Cara reported that Erin won the scholarship but couldn’t attend this year, so she’ll attend and use the scholarship next year.

Cara hasn’t heard whether John Wingate or someone for him will be able to attend the Membership meeting to accept the Spirit of Librarianship Award. Cara will ask at the Ridley booth during the conference. If no one can attend, the award will be sent to him.

Web Committee

Adina reported that she is working on arranging training for Erin and hopes to have it done soon. If anyone wants to have handouts for their programs put on the website, it can be done after the conference. Electronic copies are preferred but print may be scanned in.

Conference Reports

Kathy said for next year the conference programmer may want to consider the difficulty of arranging for equipment if more than one program is scheduled at the same time.

Discussion of the need for room monitors. Several people volunteered. Carol Anne asked if NYLA would give us a list of ASLS members who are coming to the conference so we could contact them ahead of time to get room monitors.

Kathy asked presiders to take notes of main points of their programs in order to summarize them for the newsletter.

Library track Discussed under new business.

Academic Library 2005 conference

130 people registered and there is a waiting list. The ASLS banner will be used. ASLS will have membership forms. Give aways to promote ASLS were suggested. Jean will talk about 3R’s and ASLS then wants her to introduce Kathy to talk about ASLS. Cara, Jean and Kathy will ask NYLA about this.

New Business

Fundraising was put on the agenda due to a concern about the budget, Jane said.

Elaine asked if we want to set a reserve amount for the budget. $5,000 has historically been the amount ASLS has not let its funds go below. ASLS does not get any significant interest on funds in our account. It was suggested to keep fundraising on the agenda. Chris suggested selling imprinted items. Cara offered to donate a quilt. There was discussion of getting other donations.

Kathy reported on the future of the library school track. Library schools will have an alumni night Wednesday night. The deans would prefer a panel discussion on one topic to replace the current format. Kathy reported that Michael said it could be a NYLA president’s program. NYLA will also be periodically having meetings with the library schools. Chris said this would achieve Dave Harrelson’s goal of getting the schools involved with NYLA. There was agreement about letting NYLA take over the library school track.

Lis suggested a showcase of student research as a poster session or a program next year. Kathy said someone will go to the heads of the student organizations at the library schools. A program about “what you didn’t learn at library school” was also suggested. Elaine said she’s the conference programmer for NMRT and she suggested collaborating with NMRT. Lis volunteered to help Elaine.

Kathy said there is a need to discuss including special libraries in NYLA. Elaine knows someone at SLA who might like to collaborate. Lis suggested the issue of managing a single person library as an overarching theme for different kinds of special libraries. Carol Anne suggested creating a listserv as a resource for special libraries. A column for special libraries in the newsletter is planned. There were suggestions for a person who might volunteer to do outreach to other special librarians.

Karen reported that next year information for the programs will be submitted online, which will allow sections to see what other sections are doing and collaborate more. The number of slots is changing. ASLS will have 4 hour and 15 minute slots and 2 45 minute “alternate” slots. The membership meeting will take up one slot.

Karen will send out a list of the proposed programs to be discussed further. They include:

  • Libraries that produce products
  • “What you didn’t learn in library school”- Lis and Elaine
  • 1 person special libraries
  • Corporate libraries
  • Microknowledge- creative uses of Power Point
  • Hidden Treasures

Adina said there are prison librarians who would be willing to do a session. This would be different from the session this year, which is more focused on public library outreach to local correctional facilities and the directors of the department of corrections libraries.

Kathy will send a list of proposed meeting dates with the list of new board members.

Albany is a long drive from Ithaca for Lis. The summer session could be held at Cara’s library in Union. Kathy will arrange with Mohawk Valley Library system for the first meeting. One meeting can be a conference call.

Chris reported on the leadership manual. She’s created a calendar and a document about the awards and nominating tasks. The legislative committee and job descriptions for Officer and Director positions should also be included. Chris will send this to everyone and request feedback. Chris asked if bylaws and other items that are on the website need to be included. Everyone thanked Chris for her work.


Elaine moved to adjourn. Adjourned at 10 p.m.