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Gloversville Public Library Capital Campaign Announces $1 Million Gift from the Lucius N. Littauer Foundation

Submitted by Barbara Madonna, Director, Gloversville Public Library

GLOVERSVILLE, NY – Pulitzer Prize winning author Richard Russo, Honorary Chair of the Gloversville Public Library Capital Campaign, announced at an October 29 event at the Library, a gift to the Campaign of $1 Million from The Lucius N. Littauer Foundation. The Foundation, located in New York City, was founded by Lucius N. Littauer, a Gloversville, NY born and raised businessman, member of congress and philanthropist.

“We sincerely appreciate the generosity and commitment that the Lucius N. Littauer Foundation has made to help transform the Library into a 21st-century learning center,” said Christine Pesses, Campaign Co-Chair. “This extraordinary gift brings us within reach of our campaign goal and to putting a shovel in the ground next year.”

“We are thrilled that the Foundation recognized the impact their donation will have on the Library, and consequently the city of Gloversville,” said Elizabeth Batchelor, Campaign Co-Chair. “Their confidence in our project and in this community is inspiring.”

The gift significantly advances the goal of the Capital Campaign to modernize and expand the Library, which was built in 1904 and has never been significantly renovated.  The Campaign, sponsored by the Gloversville Library Foundation, began raising funds two years ago to upgrade all systems, including replacing the original 110-year-old furnace, and to provide access to all levels by adding an elevator. There will also be a 6,000 square foot Youth Center created on the entire lower level that will be devoted to encouraging parents, children and teens to become acquainted with books and comfortable with current-day interactive learning materials.

Mr. Russo, speaking for the Lucius N. Littauer Foundation, read from a statement issued by the Foundation about the gift:

“The Littauer Foundation has a long relationship with Gloversville.  The foundation was endowed by one of the town’s leading citizens, Lucius N. Littauer.  Although we were incorporated in New York City, his residence at the time he established the Foundation in 1929, Mr. Littauer maintained his ties to Gloversville his entire life.  Both he and the Foundation continued to have a philanthropic involvement with the town, supporting institutions such as the Nathan Littauer Hospital and Jewish communal organizations, and helping numerous individuals with both employment and charitable gifts.

The Littauer Foundation also has a long history with libraries.  Although most of the libraries that we have supported are academic libraries, the Foundation has supported a number of other library projects over the years.
Finally, the Littauer Foundation has current and abiding interest in providing opportunity for people in the communities where we work…We recognize the role that libraries can play in empowering individuals to develop their own skills, as a center of a variety of community activities and initiatives, and as a focus for community revitalization.

In view of the Foundation’s ties to Gloversville, our historic commitment to libraries, and our current interest in economic development, the Gloversville Public Library Restoration and Expansion Project is a unique opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of people in a community that remains important to us.  The new and improved library will serve the needs of the entire community in the 21st Century with a full range of resources and services.  Further, we have had extensive discussions with the leadership of the library and the campaign and visited Gloversville to see the library and talk with community leaders.  We were impressed by the knowledge, thoughtfulness and commitment of all involved, and we are convinced that the library project has the potential to be a key factor in the revitalization of Gloversville.

The Foundation is proud to contribute to this effort. We hope that our commitment will encourage the people of Gloversville and other donors interested in the community to support the Capital Campaign.”

More information is available about the Gloversville Public Library.

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