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SSL Update: December 2014

By Jill Leinung

SSL’s Position  Paper supporting certified librarians in all elementary schools was begun in August  at the  Ed Leadership Institute committee work time and is now completed.  It was approved by the SSL board and is now available on the SSL website.  Two shorter versions and an infographic will soon be ready.

NYLA’s Annual conference, Open Libraries, Open Minds proved to be a huge success thanks to the programs arranged by our VP –Conferences and  conference programmer MaryAnn Karre.  Bryan Collier’s beautiful display at our SSL booth and talk at our membership meeting made the conference even more memorable.  Commissioner King’s announcement of the IFC being included on the SED website and linked as a resource in the Social Studies Framework and Toolkit was greeted with enthusiasm.  This was one of the recommendations established at the School Librarian’s Summit 2014 at SED.  The timeline, stakeholder’s group, and the work of accomplishing the recommendations were disseminated and discussed at a Saturday morning workshop at the conference.

The New York City Department of Education Library Conference  was attended by SSL representatives  Past President Karen Sperrazza and Sara Kelly Johns who were joined by SSL Region 2 Representative Ellen Frank and Rocco Staino.  They set up our exhibition board at Citi Field in Queens and raffled off 4 memberships to NYLA/SSL.  It was a great event that SSL will attend every year.

We have had a good number of proposals submitted  to fill our strand of “Library  and Information Literacy” at the NYSCSS Convention, March 11-14, 2015   We will need to continue to promote school librarian attendance at this great conference especially in light of the release of the Social Studies Framework.  Proposals in our strand are being reviewed by NYSCSS President Elect Lawrence Paska and SSL Past President Karen Sperrazza and registration is now open for the conference.

The SSL annual conference is taking place in Tarrytown NY April 30-May  - Strengthening  Our Impact  hosted by SLMSSENY is accepting program proposals.  The information is available on the SSL website

The SSL Display Board was showcased at NYSCATE thanks to Sue Kowalski.  It will be filled with examples of  integrated technologies that are being used in school libraries across the state.  Sue got more than fifty responses to her survey entitled Making the Magic Happen through your Library!  Magic is happening in our school libraries!