Minutes, February 9, 2006

Thursday February 9, 2006

Academic and Special Libraries Section ASLS

Board Meeting


Present: Elaine Lasda Bergman, Deborah Emerson, Karen Gardner-Athey, Carol Anne Germain, Kathleen Gundrum, Erin Rushton, Jean Sheviak, Lorie Wies, Christine Walker, NJ Wolfe

Absent: Lisabeth Chabot , Nancy Howe, Jane Verostek


Kathleen Gundrum called the meeting to order at 10:10 am


1. Introductions

2. Review and Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved with one correction:

Lorie will report on the NYLA Council Meeting report, not Elaine.

3. NYLA Update from Jennifer Morris

Jennifer Morris, NYLA President, spoke to the ASLS Board about her plans for the upcoming year. Jennifer spoke about how she hopes NYLA sections will begin to “think of the big NYLA picture” instead of just focusing exclusively on their own sections.

Jennifer was impressed with ASLS’s programming at last year’s conference.

Jennifer spoke about the importance of Lobby Day.Legislators will again have an opportunity to pose for READ posters since these were very popular last year.There will be briefings, rallies and speeches throughout the day.Everyone who comes this year will get a T-shirt.Information packages about Lobby Day will be available for librarians who have never attended the event before.

Jennifer reported on a NYLA Task Force that is exploring a joint conference to incorporate the SLMS and PLS conferences which are now held separately.

There was a discussion about the lack of state support for academic libraries.It was suggested that there needs to be more collaboration between academic and public libraries.

4. New Business

2006 Program Proposals

Kathy asked if ASLS wants to have a separate conference if there is a program topic too big for a regular conference session.

The ASLS program slots are scheduled between Thursday November 2 - Saturday November 4. There are six program slots:four full sessions and two short sessions. The committee discussed the program proposals and decided on the following programs:

  1. Using Statistics as a Marketing Tool
  2. Skills You Didn't Learn in Library School
  3. Issues in Managing the One-Person Library
  4. Is a Researcher a Researcher?
  5. Creative Uses of PowerPoint
  6. ASLS Membership Meeting

Membership Meeting and Reception for 2006

This year NYLA is allowing sections to hold receptions on the trade floor.The reception will cost $500 and will include coffee and tea.There are breakfast and afternoon slots available for the reception.

Motion: NJ Wolfe moved that ASLS not hold a reception on NYLA trade show.
Karen Gardner-Athey seconded the motion.
All in favour, none opposed, no abstentions.Motion carried.

The ASLS Membership Meeting is open to current and potential ASLS members.The meeting is traditionally held during Cocktail hour.BIRT (Bibliographic Instrufction Round Table) has offered to co-sponsor this meeting.The Board discussed where to hold the reception and how many people would attend.

5. Review and approval of past meeting minutes

Motion: Elaine Lasda Bergman moved to accept the October 26, 2005 minutes with a few grammatical and typographical corrections. Carol Anne Germain seconded the motion. All in favour, none opposed, no abstentions. Motion carried.

6. Review of financial report

Elaine will email the year-end financial report once she has finished collecting information. She will also email the proposed budget. There was a discussion about adding a line item for lobby day and a line item for NYLA special projects to the budget report.

7. Committee Reports

Communications/Newsletter Committee

The next newsletter will be in March 2006. The deadline for submitting information will be March 3, 2006. Suggestions for the newsletter included:

  • Special libraries column
  • Booth report
  • Budget report
  • Internship report.
  • Article from Carol Anne
  • Membership information.
  • ASLS President report
  • Awards
  • Re-cap of the information commons session

There was a discussion about whether there should be a regular academic libraries column since there is a regular special libraries column in the newsletter. Newsletters are also planned for Summer and Fall.The Fall newsletter will include conference information. 

Legislative Committee

Jean reported on the January 31, 2006 NYLA Legislative Committee meeting.Patricia Eddington has replaced Sandy Galef as chair of the Assembly Library Committee.Catherine Nolan is the new chair of the Assembly Higher Ed Committee.

NYLA has hired a lobby firm to help promote library issues and to keep our money on the table late in the negotiations.

NYLA has new software that will enable supporters to send faxes to legislators.

Jean also discussed the legislative priorities for Lobby day.

Kathy reported that NYLA is asking each section to contribute 0.50 per member for Lobby Day.ASLS has 368 members so its contribution would be approximately $200 (rounded up from $184).

Motion: Lorie Wies moved to send $200 to NYLA for Lobby Day. Karen Gardner-Athey seconded the motion. All in favour, none opposed, no abstentions.Motion carried.

Membership Committee

As of January 31, ASLS has 368 members.Carol Anne suggested that we aim to expand our membership to over 400.

Kathy said that Cara Molyneaux is making a quilt that we can raffle at the ASLS booth.

There was a discussion on having ASLS t-shirts.The shirts could be sold or given away to new members.

Carol Anne is going to send postcards to members about upcoming conference programs.She is also going to follow-up with people who went to the 3Rs meeting.She will thank them for attending the meeting and encourage them to become ASLS members.

Nominating Committee

Jane had emailed her report to the Board since she was not able to attend the meeting.Kathy summarized the report at the meeting.

There will be several board openings to fill in 2007:

  • Vice President/Conference Programmer
  • Three director positions
  • Treasurer

Jane asked Board members contact her if they were interested in continuing their work on ASLS via another position.Jane also asked Board members to let her if know if they knew someone who would be interested in serving on the Board.

There was a discussion about the lengths of terms.If terms were staggered, the Board would not have to deal with multiple vacancies at one.

Jane will advertise the ASLS Spirit of Librarianship award and the ASLS /Ridley Book Bindery Student Internship grant.The ASLS Conference Scholarship award has already been awarded to Erin Rushton since she was not able to attend the conference last year. 

Web Committee

Erin reported that she had received web training from Adina so she was ready to make any updates to the website

Continuing Education CE Committee

Nothing to report.

8. Old Business

NYLA 2005 Conference

Kathy is reviewing the expenses from 2005 conference.She is also reviewing evaluations from the conference.She will forward them on to presiders when she finishes. Overall, the conference went well for ASLS and attendees had positive comments about the programs.The membership meeting was also we1l attended.

Lorie suggested that the Erin upload the conference presentations to the website if there was permission from the speakers.

Kathy asked if there was a policy or procedure to thank conference speakers.

ASLS/3 Rs Conference

Overall, there was a consensus that the conference was successful.However, evaluations indicated that the space was too small for the amount of attendees.The accounting is still not complete so ASLS does not know yet if any money was made from the event.

Library School track

As of 2006, ASLS is not responsible for the library school track.

8.New business

NYLA Council Meeting Report

Lorie reported on the NYLA council meeting.

2006 NYLA Booth

Items relating to the NYLA booth were discussed previously in the meeting.

SLA outreach opportunity

There was a discussion about possible collaboration with SLA.

Matters Arising

Chris passed on the ASLS leadership manual to Kathy for review.The manual is mostly completed.There was a discussion about whether to put the manual on the website.

Future Meeting Topics

No future meeting topics were proposed.

Future Meetings

The next meeting will be held in late April/May.There will also be a meeting in the summer.It may be possible to make one of these meetings a conference meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:20 pm.