Minutes, June 2, 2006

June 2, 2006 

New York Library Association NYLA

Academic and Special Libraries Section ASLS

Board Meeting



Present: Elaine Lasda Bergman, Deborah Emerson, Carol Anne Germain, Kathleen Gundrum, Erin Rushton, Jean Sheviak, Lorie Wies

Absent: Karen Gardner-Athey, Lisabeth Chabot, Nancy Howe, Jane Verostek, Christine Walker, NJ Wolfe


Kathleen Gundrum called the meeting to order at 10:12 am

Review and Approval of Agenda

The following changes and additions were made to the agenda:

  1. Internship added to new business
  2. Cara Molyneaux will be a lunch guest
  3. Continuing Education CE Committee Report removed from the Committee Reports section
  4. Kathleen will report on the Nominating Committee Report and Awards Committee Reports submitted by Jane Verostek

Review and approval of past minutes

New Business

NYLA Council Meeting – Kathleen 

Kathleen updated the Board on the recent NYLA council meeting.

  • NYLA had a positive audit report; the association is in sound financial shape.
  • Lobby Day was a huge success. There will be a mini Lobby Day in June.
  • The membership committee is creating a database for new memberships and renewals.
  • There will be a new rate for former NYLA members who have not renewed their membership in three or more years. These individuals will be able to rejoin NYLA at the new member’s rate.
  • The plans for the 2006 conference are moving along.
  • NYLA has a new graphic designer; the designer is available to help out NYLA sections.

Officers Hand Book– Kathleen

The Board agreed to make the Officers Handbook available electronically on the ASLS website. Kathleen and Erin will work on this project over the summer. A print version of the handbook will be maintained and distributed to new ASLS officers.

Internship – Jean

The Capital District Library Council in Albany was the recipient of the 2005 “ASLS/Ridley Book Bindery Student Internship Grant”. The intern’s report has garnered a lot of interest, even nationally. Jean will organize a one page summary of the report for the website. There was a discussion whether the entire report should be uploaded to the website. Jean will follow up.

Financial Report – Elaine

Elaine presented the Financial Statement for first quarter. ASLS started off the year with approximately $200 less than it had in January 2005. Some first quarter expenses were delayed to the second quarter due to processing errors. The second quarter will see income of $1000 for the 2005 Ridley internship as well as dues. Expenses will include travel and meetings for the 2/6/06 and 6/2/06 meetings, $1000 for the CDLC/Ridley intern, and newsletter expenses.

Elaine reminded Board members to submit reimbursement forms to her. Reimbursement forms should not be sent directly to NYLA.

Committee Reports

Legislative Committee - Jean

Jean reported that Lobby Day was a success. Jane also reported that a new task force was charged to investigate legislative priorities. Over the summer NYLA sections will be solicited for input and feedback. The taskforce will present its report to the Legislative Committee in early fall. Kathleen noted that the task force has little representative from the academic community. Kathleen proposed that the ASLS Board discuss this issue at the next Board meeting

Membership Committee – Carol Anne

Carol Anne reported that ASLS has not reached its membership goal of 400. This is a little disappointing considering efforts were made at the conference to recruit new members.

NYLA will be represented at the SUNYLA conference as part of a special interest group table. Carol Anne will look into getting ASLS promotional material for the table.

There was a discussion about targeting new members. Kathleen suggested targeting current NYLA members who are not ASLS members since it might be easier to recruit from within the association. Kathleen also suggested that ASLS contribute to the NYLA newsletter by writing an article about the benefits of joining ASLA. Benefits include: professional growth, networking opportunities, the ASLS newsletter, awards, scholarships, internships and fellowships, and advanced showings of the ASLS quilt.

There was also a discussion about targeting new members from academic libraries.

There was a discussion about creating a membership brochure. Jean and Carol Anne will follow up.

Jean suggested that ASLS create a permanent display can be exhibited at local conferences and events.

There was a discussion about whether ASLS should sell READ posters at the conference booth. The READ posters would allow conference attendees to have their picture taken for a READ Poster; the poster and disc with the digital image would be sent in the mail afterwards. Carol Anne will look into logistics and pricing of offering the READ posters.

Also related to the conference, Lorie is going to create a “cheat sheet” for betting to hand out at the booth.

Cara presented the beautiful quilt she generously donated to ASLS. The twin sized quilt is named “wrap yourself up in a good book” and is twin size. The Board agreed to sell raffle tickets for $1each or six tickets for $5. Lorie volunteered to organize the raffle.

Nominating Committee - Kathleen

Jane sent out the Nominating Committee Report ahead of time. The following positions needed to be filled:

  • Vice President/Conference Programmer
  • Three director positions
  • Treasurer

Jane reported that several candidates have volunteered to run for positions. The Board approved the slate of candidates.

Awards Committee Report - Kathleen

Jane sent out the Awards Committee Report ahead of time.

ASLS Spirit of Librarianship Award has been advertised in the newsletter, and via email and listservs. So far one person has been nominated for this award.

ASLS Conference Scholarship is all set for 2006 as Erin Rushton will be receiving this award. Erin had received the 2005 scholarship but could not attend the conference - it was decided the scholarship would be awarded to Erin for attendance of the 2006 conference.

ASLS/Ridley Book Bindery Student Internship Grant has been advertised via the newsletter, via e- and listservs. As of yet, Jane has not received any applications.

Web Liaison – Erin Rushton

Erin had nothing to report.

Communications/Newsletter Committee

The next newsletter will be published in early summer and will include: the slate of candidates, a description of conference programs, tips for new librarians, the ASLS President Report, Treasurer’s Report, a feature on a special library, mid-career article and a colour insert for the quilt. Kathleen may write a section about the new legislative priorities. It was suggested that we find out how many academic and special library NYLA members are not ASLS members and send them a newsletter to promote membership to ASLS. The deadline for the newsletter will be July 7, 2006.

Old Business

NYLA Task Force on Joint Conference

Debby reported on the NYLA Task Force on Joint Conference. NYLA is interested in holding conferences similar to the Texas Library Association. Sections in the Texas Library Association do not hold separate conferences. NYLA had considered the possibility of holding a joint NYLA conference in 2009. At the meeting, Debby reported that some sections, primarily SLMS and YSS, had concerns about a joint conference because their own conferences were big money makers and were popular with members.

Kathleen reported that Jennifer Morris said the joint conference probably wouldn’t happen.

2006 Conference

The programs and speakers for the 2006 program are set and there is a tentative schedule. Debby will send the tentative schedule to Board members.

Membership meeting for 2006

Kathleen reported that the ASLS membership meeting is scheduled for the Thursday evening during the conference. Kathleen has contacted several restaurants in Saratoga Springs and will try and book a location by the next board meeting.

Future Meeting Topics

A special librarian nominee for NYLA president

Legislative priorities

Conference programs for 2007 meeting


The next Board meeting is tentatively scheduled for August 4, 2006 and will be held at the Mohawk Valley Library System.


Meeting adjourned at 1:40pm.