Minutes, August 4, 2006

Friday, August 4, 2006

New York Library Association NYLA

Academic and Special Libraries Section ASLS

Board Meeting


Present: Lisabeth Chabot, Deborah Emerson, Karen Gardner-Athey, Carol Anne Germain, Kathleen Gundrum, Erin Rushton, Jean Sheviak, Lorie Wies, NJ Wolfe

Absent: Elaine Lasda Bergman, Nancy Howe, Jane Verostek, Christine Walker,

Kathleen Gundrum called the meeting to order at 10:05 am.


Review and approval of agenda

The following changes and additions were made to the agenda:

  1. Academic Libraries 2007 Conference added to New Business
  2. Discussion of quilt added to Membership Committee report
  3. ASLS Legislative priorities moved to Legislative Committee report

Review and approval of past meeting minutes

New business

Gifts/donations – Kathy

There was a discussion about whether it was appropriate for the Board to make a memorial contribution on behalf of NYLA-ASLS. The Board would like to make a donation to NYLA in memory of Jennifer Morris’s husband who passed away last month.

Motion: Lorie Wies moved to make a memorial contribution on behalf of NYLA-ASLS.
Lisabeth Chabot seconded the motion.
Eight in favour, one opposed, no abstentions. Motion carried.

Kathy will follow up with Elaine and will send a card to Jennifer.

The Mohawk Valley Library System has generously allowed the Board to use their conference room as a meeting space. Kathy suggested that we purchase a gift certificate from a local restaurant as a thank-you gesture.

Motion: Lorie Wies moved to purchase a gift certificate for the Mohawk Valley Library System.
Deborah Emerson seconded the motion.
All in favour, none opposed, no abstentions. Motion carried.

Outreach efforts to non-ASLS members – Carol Anne

Carol Anne has identified 75 academic and special librarians in NYLA who are not members of ASLS. She plans to send these individuals a newsletter and invitation to join ASLS. Lori suggested that we also invite these individuals to the ASLS membership meeting at the conference. NJ will help create an email list of these 75 individuals using data pulled from memberclicks.

There was a discussion about outreach efforts to non-NYLA academic and special librarians. Academic and special library directors should encourage their staff to join ASLS. Jean and Carol Anne will send out a postcard and newsletter to academic and special library directors.

Academic Libraries 2007 conference – Jean

For last 12 years, ASLS has helped sponsor a conference for library directors and senior administrators. Jean asked if there was interest in sponsoring a conference in 2007. Kathy felt that it would be worthwhile endeavor, a great opportunity for networking. Jean recommended holding the conference in Saratoga. The conference would have to be held in November because of rates. Lis suggested the topic of “engaging staff in change” for the conference. Lis and Lori have volunteered to help Jean with the planning.

Review of financial report

Elaine submitted the financial report ahead of the meeting. According to the report, ALSL is in good financial shape. Elaine reminded Board members to send travel expenses directly to her.

Committee Reports

Communication/Newsletter - Jean

In the last ASLS newsletter there was an advertisement for a newsletter editor. Chris and Jean have worked on the newsletter for the last 10 years and are ready to “retire” as editors. Several names were suggested as potential editors. The next newsletter will be published before the conference. Suggestions for the newsletter included:

  • Ballot
  • Tips for new librarians, including the conference program on this topic – Carol Anne
  • Mid-career librarian column (Debbie to ask Nora Hardy)
  • President’s message -- Kathy
  • Treasurer’s report -- Elaine
  • Legislative committee report -- Jean
  • Award winners: Erin (Scholarship). Ridley’s and Spirit to be announced at membership meeting. 
  • ASLS conference programs-- Debby
  • Related conference programs (e.g. NY3Rs)
  • Welcome to new members -- Jean
  • Ad for Quilt -- Lori?
  • Ad for membership meeting -- Kathy
  • Featured library: Corning Museum of Glass (Jean to ask)

Legislative Committee- Jean

The Legislative Committee has started planning the 2007 Lobby Day.

Kathy reported that she spoke to Michael Borges about the lack of academic representation on the Legislative Priorities Task Force; Michael has since appointed an academic librarian to the task force. The task force has been soliciting feedback from NYLA sections and other state organizations. The task force plans to meet in September to review the feedback.

Kathy also mentioned that there will be a NYLA Council retreat in September. This group may discuss legislative priorities.

Membership Committee - Carol Anne 

Booth planning for the conference is underway. Carol Anne reported that several people have already volunteered to work at the booth. There was a discussion about whether we want to have giveaways at the booth. Lori said that she is creating a tip-sheet for betting on horses.

Carol Anne is looking for a mid-career librarian who can write a column for the newsletter. There was a discussion about potential columnists.

Lori ordered 1500 tickets for the quilt. She will send out tickets to Board members next week. If more tickets are needed, they can be ordered. The title of quilt is not correct on the ticket but it will be correct on the booth sign.

Nominating Committee - Jane [written report submitted]

Jane submitted the report ahead of the meeting.

  • ASLS Spirit of Librarianship Award: Jane has received a nomination for this award. She will follow up with the Board in late August.
  • ASLS Conference Scholarship: This is all set for 2006 as Erin Rushton will be receiving this. Erin had received the 2005 scholarship but could not attend the conference - it was decided the scholarship would be awarded to Erin for attendance of the 2006 conference.
  • ASLS/Ridley Book Bindery Student Internship Grant: Jane has received two letters/applications for this.

Web Liaison –Erin

Erin reminded Board members contact her if something needs updating in the website. Erin also said that she would create a conference page that would have a picture of the quilt.

Continuing Education CE Committee - Kathy

Kathy reported that ASLS is entitled to offer a continuing education activity for fundraising purposes. Carol Anne suggested that we offer a session on digitization. Kathy asked Board members to start thinking about other possible topics.

Old Business

NYLA Task Force on Joint Conference - Debby 

The next task force meeting is in August. The task force has recommended that NYLA host unified conferences in 2009 and 2010. To help compensate sections that previously held separate conferences, the task force has suggested that NYLA increase membership dues. Also each section would be able to hold a lunch session at the conference and a “section only” conference rate would be made available to conference attendees. Debby asked if there was anything the Board would like to take the next meeting. Kathy noted that we would probably support NYLA in whatever decision they make regarding this issue.

NYLA presence at SUNYLA Conference - Debby

SUNYLA holds a conference each year. ASLS should attempt to have a presence at these meetings.

2006 Programs - Debby

Debby passed out the conference preliminary program. There was a discussion about audiovisual needs. Debby will follow up with the Board afterwards. Debby asked presenters and presiders to review their program descriptions. Lis had two changes for “Skills You Didn’t Learn in Library School”

  1. Cross out “public libraries” in the description.
  2. Change title to “Navigating the Waters: Tips for New Librarians.”

Kathy has been scouting locations for the membership meeting. She recommended holding the meeting at Lillians. The menu and location will be confirmed over email. Kathy asked if we should have a door prize to attract attendees. She will ask Elaine to purchase two $25 gift certificates for Borders. It was also suggested that the quilt be displayed at the meeting.

Future Meeting Topics

No future meeting topics were proposed.

Future Meetings

The next Board meeting is scheduled for November 1, 2006 and will be held at the NYLA conference.


Meeting adjourned at 1:32 pm.