Minutes, February 9, 2007

Friday, February 09, 2007

Library Association NYLA

Academic and Special Libraries Section ASLS

Board Meeting

Conference Call


Present: Elaine Lasda Bergman, Deborah Emerson, Karen Gardner-Athey, Judy Fischetti, Nancy Howe, Tessa Killian, Nancy V. Morgan, Aprille C Nace, Elizabeth Putnam, Erin Rushton, Jean Sheviak, Lorie Wies

Absent: Carol Anne Germain, Kathleen Gundrum

Deborah Emerson called the meeting to order at 10:05am


Review and approval of the agenda

Review and approval of past meeting minutes

The minutes were approved with one correction:

It was Elizabeth, not Elaine, who had volunteered to create a brochure to promote new members.

Motion: Elaine Lasda Bergman moved to accept the November 1, 2006 minutes.
Lorie Wies seconded the motion.
All in favour, none opposed, no abstentions. Motion carried.

President’s Report

Debby reported on the February 8th, 2007 NYLA Council meeting. Items of interest to ASLS include:

  • The NYLA treasurer reported that NYLA is in good shape.
  • The vitality fund goal has been reached.
  • Rachel Baum reported that she has traveled around the state visiting various public, academic and special libraries. She plans to resume her travels in the spring. Rachel also announced that has resigned from her position at UAlbany. She has set up an email account for the NYLA presidency.
  • Conference Improvement Task Force.
    • This task force was initially the Unified Conference Task Force. The task force had previously concluded that section conferences did not dilute attendance at the Annual Conference. The task force had also found that section conferences were important to members. As a result, Rachel held a conference improvement charette. A charette is a one time meeting where individuals discuss issues and improvements and create an action plan. At the charette the following recommendations and decisions were made:
      • NYLA sections should be allowed to group programs together e.g. in a single day. This will benefit section members who may not be able to attend the full conference.
      • Encourage NYLA sections to co-sponsor programs.
      • Rather than limit the number of programs per section, limit the number of programs per track e.g. academic libraries track, public libraries track, etc. 
      • Have more authors attend the conference.
      • Make the conference more hip, i.e. make the conference more of a draw for younger librarians.
      • Encourage the use of cutting edge technology e.g. podcasts, blogs
      • Create non-work related interest groups e,g, a kayaking interest group, a knitting group.
      • Make sure informal meeting spaces are available to facilitate networking, discussions groups, etc.
      • Have more “big name” speakers.
      • NYLA will provide basic AV set up in each conference room (e.g. screens, projectors, etc) at no cost to the sections.
      • Spread out section lunches so they are not held on the same day. This will allow members to attend more section lunches.
      • Possibly change the conference dates (e.g. a Tuesday – Friday conference)
      • Possibly move the conference to spring.
      • Possibly add an additional day to the conference (e.g. extend conference to Sunday).
  • NYLA has made improvements to its website. There is now an online career centre and a training program for public librarians. Some NYLA website features will be made available only to members. This is to encourage people to join NYLA.
  • NYLA has created a library assistants training program.
  • There were 972 paid attendees at the 2006 conference. This was the first year NYLA offered an online conference survey.
  • Sections were encouraged to reach out to lapsed members.
  • NYLA plans to form a “vision group”. This group will come up with long-term goals for NYLA.
  • NYLA has asked sections to review webpages and ensure information is up to date. Debby asked Erin to add Kathleen Gundrum as the Nominating Committee chair. Erin will also add Tessa Killian to the Board roster.
  • NYLA is planning to set up a scholarship for library students. Sections are encouraged to contribute to this fund.

Old Business

2006 Programs-Debby

Debby has the 2006 conference evaluations. She will forward the evaluations to the Board. Overall, the evaluations were very positive as most programs were rated outstanding or very good. A few programmes were rated as fair. The session on statistics was the heaviest attended session. There was a discussion about individual sessions.

Conference Improvement “charette” - Debby

This item was discussed in the President’s Report.

Academic Libraries Conference – Jean

Jean reported that she had nothing new to report. However, as the planning continues, there will be more information to share. She will continue to update Board Members as the planning progresses.

New Business


Judy and Tessa are the new newsletter editors. The Board expressed their gratitude to Judy and Tessa for volunteering. The submission deadline for the next newsletter is Friday, February 23, 2007. Items for the next newsletter include:

  • ASLS Budget – Elaine
  • Tips for New Librarians - Carol Anne
  • Tips for Mid-career librarians
  • Lori and Carol Anne Report on 2006 conference booth and raffle
  • Carol Anne Ad for T-shirts
  • Carol Anne Leg report
  • Jean Ridley winner - Jean Spirit of Librarianship award – Kathy 
  • 2007 Conference programs – Aprille
  • Spotlight on a library - Debby (following up with Jim Mancuso)
  • 2006 conference programs – Debby
  • President's message – Debby
  • Board roster 
  • Option to receive future newsletters in electronic format only - editors will draft this

There was a discussion about whether we wanted to make the newsletter available in print, electronic or both. It was suggested that we give members the option to receive an e-only copy of the newsletter. Erin will upload the newsletter to the website after it’s published.

ASLS 2007 Programs –Aprille

Aprille received a proposal from Jill Hurst-Wahl, MLS, president of Hurst Associates, Ltd. Jill has proposed that the CE be broken into two sessions. Attendees would have the option to attend the morning session, the afternoon session or both sessions. The topic of the CE is Social Networking Tools. The morning session would provide an introduction to social networking tools. The afternoon section would delve deeper into the social networking tools that are available and how they can be used by libraries to collaborate with patrons, staff members and other colleagues. The fee for the full day workshop is $900. The Board agreed that this price was reasonable. Aprille reported that SLA is offering a similar conference in April. She expressed concern that there would be overlap. Board members felt that there were few people that were members of both SLA and NYLA. Therefore, the SLA meeting should not affect attendance at the CE. Aprille will get back to Jeremy with the CE proposal.

ASLS 2007 Programs – Aprille

Aprille sent out an updated conference agenda before the meeting.

You Want to Catalog What?

Having trouble with magnets, stamps, posters, calendars, and other ephemera? Our panel of experts shares their experiences in cataloging the oddities of special collections.

  • Possible co-sponsorship with SMART.
  • There is a lot of support for this program.

Baby Busters, Gen X, and Born Digital Babies

What are the generational expectations facing librarians. Join us for a panel discussion detailing what different folks expect from their library and librarians.

  • Steve Abrams may attend NYLA so it’s possible he may be a speaker.
  • This program also had a lot of support.

How to Make Friends and Save Money

Costs are rising everywhere, come listen to Tim Bucknall describe how he spearheaded the “Carolina Consortium” and saved folks $80 million dollars “with a few phone calls and no institutional investment.”

  • Dependent on speaker availability and cost.
  • Possible co-sponsorship with NYSALB
  • The Board raised concern that this program may not be relevant to the political situation in NYS. The Board decided not to pursue this program proposal.

I Just Want to Make Another Copy!

A quick tour through multi-media copyright, with a focus on preservation copying and transmission, geared to the needs of academic and special libraries.

  • This program also had a lot of support.

So You Want to Be in Charge

  1. Tips in how to be interviewed and how to interview someone, for a leadership position in a special or academic library.
  2. Bring your resume and have it critiqued by a librarian from an academic or special library.
  • Aprille asked if we wanted to make this a two-part session. Jean suggested that we get a list of members who would be willing to critique resumes and pass this information onto session attendees.
  • Discussion on finding some other speakers from academic and special libraries.

Bibliomining Made Easy

“Bibliomining is the combination of data mining, bibliometrics, statistics, and reporting tools used to extract patterns of behavior-based artifacts from library systems.” Whew, so what does that really mean and what about patron privacy?

  • Possible co-sponsorship with IFRT, if it has a privacy focus.
  • There is a lot of support for this program.

Affirmative (L)Action

What impact is the decline of affirmative action having on our libraries and what does this mean for the future of the library profession. What can (are) librarians going to do about it?

  • The Board decided not to pursue this program proposal.

Strange Bedfellows (Beyond the Appalachian Trail)

Case studies of collaborative digital projects. What worked, what didn’t, and what advice can they offer for future collaborations.

  • Dependent on speaker availability and cost.
  • The Board decided not to pursue this program proposal.

Mold, It’s Not Just for Breakfast

(Re)Visit the ins and outs of how to ensure your collections are safe from mold, how to recognize an outbreak, and what to do when it attacks.

  • There is a lot of support for this program.

What Are They Thinking?

Ever want to get inside the mind of a researcher or faculty member? Join us in discovering how they go about their research.

  • There is a lot of support for this program.

The Captives are Free And They’re Here, Now What?

Times are changing and libraries now longer have the captive audiences of the past. New outreach initiatives are the wave of the future. Hear from our panel of academic and special librarians and administrators. They come in to use our space, but not our resources. Learn how to tap into the growing audiences we are attracting and keep them coming back through success stories from special and academic librarians.

  • The Board decided not to pursue this program proposal.

Several Board members agreed to contact proposed speakers to confirm commitment and cost. Aprille asked that Board members get back to her by February 14th 2007. She will then speak to Jeremy about the revised conference proposal.

Review of Financial report –Elaine (submitted reports via mail. Sections copied below)

4th Quarter Financial Report

ASLS had a successful quilt fundraiser, and a morale boosting T-shirt sale. Due to an error in processing, the costs for the t-shirts were not factored into this quarterly report, but they cost $459.00. We had an excellent and low total for our conference expenses; other expenses were typical for this time of year for our group.


Elaine sent out the proposed 2007 NYLA Budget. Expense for the CE will be about $900 and this will be added to the budget. Elaine has budgeted about $200 for NYLA Grants. This may need to be increased since NYLA is also asking money for a scholarship. Overall, ASLS is in good shape. Since several members did not receive the budget, Elaine will send out an updated budget. Members will approve the budget over email.

Committee Reports

Communication/Newsletter – Judy and Tessa

Discussed previously in the meeting.

Legislative Committee – Jean Sheviak (sent via email. Sections copied below)

Governor’s Budget Summary

Good news for libraries in the Governor’s budget. Highlights:

  • Libraries are funded using the 2000 Census figure, resulting in increases for areas where population has increased and no decreases for areas where population has decreased.
  • $3 million in supplemental aid for library systems.
  • Continuing the $14 million in public library construction aid which was added last year.
  • School Library Materials Aid - increase of $650,000 to $19.8 million - raising per pupil reimbursement to $6.25 for school libraries to purchase books. A good concept, but $.25 increase is way too low
  • Adult Literacy Education (ALE) - increase of $1 million to $5.32 million for community organizations and libraries to provide adult education services.
  • SUNY - State General Fund support increased by $143 million
  • Community Colleges - State General Fund support increased by $20 million
  • CUNY - State General Fund support increased by $6.3 million
  • The Executive Budget also includes $50 million for implementation of a Universal Broadband Initiative which potentially could benefit libraries.

Much of this was a result of hard work by Michael Borges and the Department of Library Development, who spent lots of time and effort answering questions from the Governor’s office and budget people. Caveats: The $3 million and $14 million are not yet permanent in the budget so will be subject to the whims of the moment in the future unless they are made permanent.

NYLA Legislative Agenda

NYLA will continue to move forward with it’s legislative agenda. NYLA is proposing a $27 million increase in state aid formulas (Chapter 917) as the best way to ensure that all types of communities, libraries and library systems in New York State receive adequate funding to meet increased demands on their services. This proposal includes:

  • $7.5 million in operating aid to every public library across the state (66% increase)
  • $15.4 million in operating aid for every library system (includes $3 million from 2006)
  • $1.9 million in coordinated collection development aid for academic libraries (100% increase)
  • $5 million annually to expand NOVEL (New York Online Virtual Electronic Library).
  • Increase in Library Materials Aid from $6 to $15 per pupil for school libraries

There are many good resources on the NYLA website, including a region-by-region guide to exactly how much money would come if this proposal were adopted. Check that out at https://www.nyla.org/index.php?page_id=1304.


Lobby Day Activities

March 12, fund raiser for New Yorkers for Better Libraries PAC. Dinner and activities. If you are in Albany, please attend! Registration information to come soon. And please consider supporting the PAC. This organization is responsible for funding Michael Borges’ attendance at important fund raisers. Your contributions can be mailed to NYLIBS-PAC, PO BOX 795, CANTON, NY 13617 or you can contribute via credit card at www.nylibs-pac.net

March 13 will include a legislative breakfast, READ posters and bookmarks, legislative visits, and a rally in the well of the Legislative Office Building. The legislators were VERY impressed by the number of people who showed up last year, and we’d like more this year! I will organize a group of academics to visit legislators if you would like. But – I need to know soon, as I must schedule the visits.

NYLA is asking all sections to support Lobby Day activities with a contribution. We discussed this issue as part of our budget discussions at earlier meetings, so I hope we will follow through. Most sections have already committed to contributions between $250 and $500. They are listed as Lobby Day Supporters on the NYLA website.

Motion: Karen Gardner-Athey moved to give NYLA $250 in support of Lobby Day
Elaine Lorie Wies seconded the motion.
All in favour, none opposed, no abstentions. Motion carried.

Membership Committee – Carol Anne

Carol Anne was absent.

Nominating Committee –

Kathleen Gundrum was absent.

Web Liaison – Erin

Erin reminded Board Members to send her updates. Also, please contact her if anything is out of date on the ASLS website.

Continuing Education CE Committee – Nancy (sections copied from report)

Nancy sent her report via email. Highlights from the report include:

  • The 2007 Continuing Education Proposals have been accepted:
    • Gamers and Your Library
    • Black Belt Librarians (elements of a successful security program)
    • Teaching Information Literacy with Web 2.0 – Committee decided to make this a NYLA Institute to be offered around the State. 
    • Oh no, not another assessment project?! Or How do you keep people motivated to participate and care about outcomes assessments.
    • Wireless Workshop – Committee decided to make this a NYLA Institute to be offered in the Syracuse area.