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Irondequoit Opens New LibraryPhoto - New Irondequoit Library

Submitted by Rocco Staino

At the Grand Opening Celebration of the Irondequoit Public Library on September 12th, patrons didn’t even notice the deluge of rain. Hundreds - if not thousands - of residents flocked to the new facility to get a glimpse of the interior and settled in to finally enjoy their new library.  

“Reading unlocks a child’s imagination, takes them on journeys that no television program or video game can replicate, and builds motivation and curiosity,” said Supervisor Adam J. Bello. “Our new library is a first-class facility with expanded resources and a knowledgeable staff eager to contribute to each patron’s passion for learning.  It will indeed be a place where we can learn, grow, read and explore together.”

The newly-constructed building includes dedicated teen and children’s sections, study areas, free wi-fi, meeting space for community groups, outdoor courtyards, a cafe and fully-equipped craft rooms that can be used for creative exploration.

 “This project has been a dream for so long that it’s surreal to actually be inside the building and to see the joy on patrons’ faces,” said Stephanie Squicciarini, President of the Irondequoit Library Board. “I commend the Town, the Library Board, all the library staff and the residents for supporting this vision of a centralized, state-of-the-art facility that can cater to all of our needs now and in the future.”  

From a pile of dirt on April 23, 2014, a beautiful, two-story, 40-thousand square foot building was constructed at the corner of Titus Avenue and Kings Highway.  This new facility – located at the very center of the Town of Irondequoit – replaces the two, decades-old, deteriorating and unsuitable libraries that couldn’t continue to serve the residents’ needs.  

“Libraries are not relic of the past when they meet the changing needs of society,” continued Supervisor Bello. “Our new library is already meeting those needs and has the capacity to grow further.”