Minutes, May 11, 2007

Friday, May 11, 2007

Academic and Special Libraries Section ASLS

Board Meeting

Capital District Library Council


Present: Deborah Emerson, Karen Gardner-Athey, Judy Fishetti, Nancy Howe, Nancy V. Morgan, Aprille C Nace, Elizabeth Putnam, Erin Rushton, Jean Sheviak

Absent: Elaine Lasda Bergman, Carol Anne Germain, Kathleen Gundrum, Tessa Killian, Lorie Wies


Review and approval of the agenda

Review and approval of past meeting minutes

President's Report

Old Business

The brochures draft is due by August 1st 2007.

There was a discussion on how to raise ASLS’s visibility and how to attract members from areas of NYS.

2007 Conference Programs

Aprille presented a preliminary proposal of the conference program. She will be sending out speaker contracts this week. In June, she will let Jeremy know about AV needs. The Board discussed how it could promote the programs to a larger audience. Some suggestion included advertising on ENY – ACRL. Other suggestions included promoting the programs on other NYLA listservs such as SMART.

New Business

2007 Membership Meeting

ASLS usually holds its membership meeting before the conference, in a location outside the conference venue. The Board discussed possible venues for the 2007 membership meeting. Debby will explore these options and will report back to the Board. There was a discussion about whether ASLS wanted to have a raffle. There was also a discussion about donations and the possibility of having a gift basket.


The Board brainstormed possible booth themes. The theme of the 2007 conference is “Learning for Life”. One suggestion was to ask academic and special libraries to donate sweatshirts, mugs, etc. from their institutions. When people sign-up to be ASLS members at the booth, they can enter into a raffle for the university paraphernalia.


The newsletter should be complete by July 27, 2007. All submissions should be sent to the editors by July 18, 2007.

There was a discussion about whether the Board wanted to go with an e-only newsletter. Although this topic has been discussed at previous meetings, the question was raised again because Judy discovered that NYLA will send out pdfs of the newsletter on behalf of NYLA sections. Another reason for going e-only has to do with the fact that the Southeastern New York Library Resources Council does not have the ability to print newsletters suitable for distribution.

Motion: Karen Gardner-Athey moved to make the newsletter electronic only.
Elizabeth Putnam seconded the motion.
All in favour, none opposed, no abstentions. Motion carried.

Items for the next newsletter include:

  • President's message – Debby
  • Spotlight on special libraries. Judy will follow up. 
  • Advertisement for T-shirts
  • Conference programs
  • Information about raffle
  • Slate of Officers
    • The following positions need to be filled:
      • Director, Treasurer, Secretary/Web person, Vice President & Conference Programmer
  • Tips for new librarians and mid-career librarians.
  • Kudos section for publications and conference presentations. 
  • Treasurer’s report

Attracting academic librarians

NYLA has asked the Board to brainstorm ways to attract more academic librarians to the NYLA conference. There has been a perception among academic librarians that the conference programming is not relevant. Some suggestions included:

  • NYLA should create a student chapter to recruit library students into the association.
  • Reduced rates for members who want to belong to both national associations (e.g. ALA and SLA) and NYLA.
  • NYLA should provide a forum for publishing e.g. articles and book reviews.
  • Promote NYLA through ENY-ACRL.
  • Encourage academic directors to encourage their staff to join NYLA.

Review of Financial report – Elaine

Elaine will submit via e-mail.

Committee Reports

Communication/Newsletter – Judy

Discussed previously in the meeting.

Legislative Committee - Jean Sheviak

NYLA Lobby Day was very successful and resulted in increased funding for libraries in NY. Thanks are due to everyone for that! We received the same increase as last year plus an additional increase on top of that. The NYLA Leg Committee has been having email discussions about its legislative priorities for next year, and making those increases permanent is, obviously, very important. The Leg Committee meets on May 22 in the morning and the group will then have a mini lobby day to deal with legislative issues not related to funding.

Membership Committee - Carol Anne Germain

Carol Anne was absent

Nominating Committee - Kathleen Gundrum

Kathleen Gundrum was absent

Web Liaison - Erin Rushton

Erin did not have anything to report

Continuing Education CE Committee - Nancy Howe

Next meeting


The meeting was adjourned at 1:10 pm