Minutes, July 27, 2007

Board Meeting

Friday, July 27, 2007

New York Library Association NYLA

Academic and Special Libraries Section ASLS


Present: Elaine Lasda Bergman, Deborah Emerson, Judy Fischetti, Karen Gardner-Athey, Kathleen Gundrum, Tessa Killian, Nancy V. Morgan, Aprille C Nace, Erin Rushton, Jean Sheviak, Chris Walker

Absent: Carol Anne Germain, Nancy Howe, Elizabeth Putnam, Lorie Wies

Welcome and Introductions

Approval of Minutes from May 11, 2007

Two corrections were made to the minutes.

  1. Nancy Morgan was present at the meeting
  2. Lorie Wies was not present at the meeting

Motion: Karen Gardner-Athey moved to approve the minutes. Judy Fischetti seconded the motion. All in favor. None opposed. Motion carried.

President’s Report

  • Standard AV equipment will now be provided in all meeting rooms at conference. This means sections no longer have rent projectors and laptops.
  • NYLA members can now vote electronically. Paper voting is still available for members who prefer not to vote online.
  • The vitality event at the NYLA conference will be a movie premier followed by a reception.
  • The ASLS reception will be at the Chocolate Bar. Debby has made a reservation. A selection of desserts will be available.
  • Debby spoke to Michael about how to increase institutional membership. Debby has drafted a letter that will be sent to academic library directors. The 3R’s will help distribute the letters.
  • Debby led a discussion on how to contact special libraries in the region.

Old Business

Conference booth

Aprille has put together a basket for the conference. Chris and Jean will get photos of the basket so the Board can advertise raffle tickets on the website and in the newsletter. The tickets will cost $2 each or $5 for three tickets.

The theme of the booth will be “ASLS – Lead Learning for Life”. Kathy suggested that ASLS encourage libraries to send informational packages about their institution (e.g. promotional material) instead of paraphernalia (sweatshirts, mugs, etc.) as this might be more economical. Libraries could still donate paraphernalia if they desired. Debby will send a letter to library directors requesting that they send literature/promotional material about their institutions. Jean will contact 3Rs and ask for their support. Chris will be the contact person for the booth.

Conference Programs

Everything is finished except the conference ribbons request form. Last year ASLS forgot to bring ribbons to the conference and some people were disappointed. The Board decided to order new ribbons. The Board thanked Aprille for her hard work in organizing the conference.

Membership Meeting

The membership meeting is scheduled Thursday 18th, 6-7pm at the Chocolate bar. There will be a cash bar and dessert tray. Wine will be available as a door prize

ASLS Archives

The Board had a discussion about how to handle the ASLS archives. The Board is concerned that ASLS documents are scattered in various locations and are not being archived. Ultimately the Board can send material to the State Archives but before this happens the Board needs to review material and decide what to keep. The Board also needs to determine if there are gaps in the section’s history. Both Nancy and Elaine volunteered to review the archival material.

New Business

New York State Higher Education Initiative (NYSHEI)

Debby attended a presentation about NYSHEI at Monroe College. NYSHEI “represents the interests of public and private academic and research libraries in New York State.” At the meeting, Debby asked NYSHEI if they were in contact with NYLA. The NYSHEI representative said that NYSHEI and NYLA had been in contact but it did not have plans to collaborate. Debby just wanted to bring this to the Board’s attention.

Treasurer’s Report

Elaine presented the treasurer’s report. In the report, Elaine noted that: “upon the conclusion of the Second Quarter of 2007, ASLS is in sound fiscal shape. Our dues allocation is up $900.00 compared to Q2 of last year. This may be due to membership renewals being processed a couple of months earlier than last year. We also received our annual $1,000 from Ridley Bindery to fund our internship program. This money was disbursed in early July; this disbursement will be reflected in the Q3 statement. Our expenses were minimal this quarter, consisting of funding for the 5/11/07 board meeting (travel and lunch), and for the publication and mailing of our newsletter. Our finances leave us well positioned for the conference expenses in the fall.”

Motion: Karen Gardner-Athey moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Judy Fischetti seconded the motion. All in favour. None opposed. Motion carried.

Committee Reports 


The newsletter was sent to NYLA for distribution last week. Paper copies will be sent to members without email addresses. The Board started planning its next newsletter. The newsletter needs to go out in early September so members will have information about Board nominations. Content for the newsletter will include:

  • Elections report – Kathy
  • Booth information - Chris
  • Raffle – Jean
  • Programs – previous newsletter
  • Legislative Report - Jean
  • Spotlight on special library – Elaine
  • President’s report – Debby
  • Tips for new librarians – Carol Anne
  • Mid careers article

Articles should been sent to Judy and Tessa by Tuesday, September 18th. The newsletter will be published later that week

Legislative Committee

Jean attended a mini lobby day in May. The Legislation Committee’s next meeting is September 18th.

Membership Committee

Debby has a list copy of current members as well as lapsed members.

Nominating Committee

Kathy noted that there were three vacant positions:

  1. Vice president/president/Past president
  2. Director
  3. Secretary

The ballots are scheduled to be sent out September 6th. Members will have four weeks to vote.

There was a discussion about the Board members and committees. Aprille suggested that we put more information about the Board on the website. A manual had been created in the past that described committees and Board positions. Kathy currently has a copy of this document. She will send out to Board members for feedback. When the document is finalized it can go on the website.

Web Liaison 

Nothing news to report.

Continuing Education

No report


Ridley has agreed to contribute to the Ridley scholarship. An announcement was sent out last week. The “Spirit of Librarianship award” and the “Conference Scholarship Award” need nominations. Kathy will let the Board know when she received nominations.

The next meeting is scheduled Wednesday, October 17th at the NYLA Annual Conference.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:30pm.