Minutes, February 1, 2008

Library Association NYLA

Academic and Special Libraries Section ASLS

Board Meeting (via conference call)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Present: Elaine Lasda Bergman, Deborah Emerson, Judy Fischetti, Karen Gardner-Athey, Tessa Killian, Nancy V. Morgan, Aprille C. Nace, Amy Pass, Erin Rushton, Jean Sheviak, Lorie Wies

Absent: Carol Anne Germain, Nancy Howe, Elizabeth Putnam

Welcome and Introductions

Aprille welcomed new board member Amy Pass (Secretary/Web Liaison) and thanked Director Karen Gardner-Athey for her continuing service.

Approval of minutes from October 17, 2007

Minutes were approved by e-mail following the meeting.

President’s Report

Special Libraries Project 

Aprille is updating the contact letter which will be used to encourage NY special libraries to join NYLA. The group offered suggestions for the types of benefits these libraries would gain from NYLA membership:

  1. Exposure (to all types of libraries and the wider community; valuable especially to smaller libraries)
  2. Networking opportunities
  3. Shows support for NY libraries
  4. Professional development opportunities

Aprille will send the updated letter to the Board for comments and suggestions.

Lobby Day Request

Lobby Day is Tuesday, March 11, 2008. ASLS has been asked to donate to this event and the Board decided to offer the same same donation as last year: $250.00. Jean reported that this level of funding will give us signage and web site listing.

News Updates

Aprille announced the formation of the RLRT, a new group that is now a NYLA Roundtable.

Aprille alerted the group that the next NYLA Council Meeting will be February 21st.

Finally, Aprille told the group that the proposed shared section reception with RASS and SMART at the upcoming NYLA conference received positive feedback. The Board is in favor of this and it will proceed as planned.

Old Business

Erin reported on 2008 conference programming. Eleven proposals were submitted (the deadline is 2/14/08) and after reviewing other groups’ proposals as well as speaker availability (3 speakers are confirmed, to date) six of the eleven proposals will be viable. After Erin gets additional details from potential speakers we may need to come up with one additional proposal so that we can put seven forward. Erin will send a summary next week so that the Board may finalize the titles and descriptions of these seven proposed sessions. (Note: the program list, as of 5/19/08, is attached to these minutes)

New Business

Updates to Website

Aprille proposed that we add additional information regarding the Ridley winners and descriptions of their projects to the ASLS web site. Nancy will try and find this information in the archives. Other updates to the site will be an updated President’s message and new photos and graphics to make the site more dynamic.

2008 Conference Booth

Carol Ann Germain would like to do the 2008 Conference booth, on the theme of “products of libraries.” The Board agreed that this is an excellent idea and would welcome this plan.

Treasurer’s Report – Submitted by Elaine Lasda Bergman 

Elaine submitted a positive financial report to the Board. She reported that exceeded the 2007 estimate by over $3000. We’ve also experienced a $2000 increase in dues revenue over last year. However, t-shirt sales continue to be disappointing and she encouraged the group to find new ways of promoting shirt sales. Elaine asked about the plaque for the Sprit of Librarianship Award; if we purchased this she will need a receipt for this from Kathy to account for the expense. At the request of the Board Elaine will break down Conference expenses in the financial spreadsheet to show booth and other discrete Conference expenses.

Committee Reports


Judy and Tessa reported that the newsletter will need to be published by early March so that it will be ready for Lobby Day (3/11/08). The deadline for submissions will be 2/22/08 and publication date will be 2/28/08.

Legislative Committee

Jean reported to the group about the importance of Lobby Day this year and contacting legislators because the Governor cut Library Aid by $5 million in his proposed 2008-09 Executive Budget. Advocacy efforts this year will be focused on restoring this cut and so Jean encouraged the group to visit NYLA’s web site and take advantage of the legislative tools available there. A written report will be submitted to the Board after the legislative meeting next week.

Nominating/Awards Committee

Debby announced that the Rudolph Steiner Library is the winner of the Ridley Award this year. Kathy will get the award check from NYLA and will notify the winners.

The Board unanimously decided to award the Conference scholarship earlier this year to allow the winner to make advance plans. The deadline for applications will be set for mid-May so that applications may be reviewed during the May Board meeting.

Web Liaison

Nothing to report.

Continuing Education

No report.


As of October 2007, ASLS has 426 members. Aprille reported that this number continues to increase.

The next Board Meeting is May 23rd, at the Rakow Library/Corning Museum of Glass, Corning NY.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00pm.

NYLA/ASLS 2008 Conference Programs

Title Description Speaker(s)
Partnering with Google and Microsoft: Reflections on Mass Digitization at Columbia University The partnership of academic libraries with search engine giants like Google and Microsoft has caused a lot discussion in the library world. Patricia Renfro from Columbia University will discuss her own Libraries' projects with Google and Microsoft to digitize books from their collections. Patricia Renfro, Columbia University
I just want to make another copy A quick tour through multi-media copyright geared to the needs of academic and special libraries. Thomas McFadden, Union College
Green Libraries How are libraries responding to climate change and diminishing resources? The presenter, trained by Al Gore and the Climate Project as one of the “1000 Climate Messengers” will discuss developments and solutions libraries are adopting to make their libraries more environmentally friendly and reducing their “carbon footprints”. For example, sustainable building designs, conservation of non-renewable energy and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, and more. Frederick W. Stoss, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Hey, Ho, Let's Go! Managing Your Digitization Project A panel of speakers will share practical tips and guidelines on how to plan and manage digitization projects. Audience members will have an opportunity to ask questions and share their own experiences.

Jean Currie, SCLRC; Susan D'Entremont, CDLC; Maria Kessler McShane, College of Saint Rose

What else can you do with a library degree Learn about non-traditional library careers! A panel of speakers from non-traditional and special libraries will discuss careers in fields other than public, academic and school libraries. Patti McCall, Albany Molecular; Louise Macuirles, GE Global Research; Rebecca Rich-Wulfmeyer, Albany Institute of History & Art; Amanda R. Latreille, NY Program Manager & National Director, EqualAccess Libraries; Polly-Alida Farrington, Library consultant
Demystifying Web 2.0 to the staff of the Metropolitan Museum of Art: A Case Study Session will focus on how a group of librarians at the Thomas J. Watson Library of The Metropolitan Museum of Art convinced Museum staff to experiment with, trust and integrate Web 2.0 tools in their daily work. Presenters will demonstrate how they marketed these new tools to an idiosyncratic group of library users with extremely specific needs. In addition to describing the series of presentations created for all Museum staff, presenters will show how they addressed concerns particular to their target audience: relevancy of Web 2.0 tools to scholarly research, and the concern with authority and security. The session will also discuss the unique organizational culture of Watson Library, its adoption of 2.0 tools for improved workflow, and the creation of a new library instruction team. A look at Museum-wide outcomes and future plans will conclude the session. Jennie Pu, Metropolitan Museum of Art; Deborah Vincelli, Metropolitan Museum of Art