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Congratulations to the newly elected officers for YSS!

  1. Christina Ryan-Linder - 1st Vice President/President Elect
  2. Lisa Neuman - 2nd Vice President/Membership
  3. Patricia Connor - Treasurer
  4. Jenny Burke - 1st Year Director

This summer, the Children’s and Teen rooms of libraries across the state became SUPER places for young people to visit.  The summer reading themes of “Every Hero Has a Story” and “Unmask” were reflected with displays of superhero books and images along with capes, masks, and lots of amazing programs.  The programming possibilities were truly endless with ideas coming from books in the collection, the CLSP manual, and every youth services librarian’s best friend, Pinterest.  It’s a challenge each year to use the summer theme to transform the library so anyone who comes in can instantly see that it’s an exciting place for children, tweens, teens and families.  I’m always amazed at the ebb and flow of activity when we have special programs.  What a thrill it is to open the program room door and find a crowd of kids on the other side who can’t wait to come in and be part of the fun we have planned.

In my library this summer, our Cape Creation Saturday was a huge hit as we had children (and their parents) making t-shirt capes and masks that they later wore as we marched in the city’s 4th of July parade.  We hosted a Superhero Training Academy with stations for children to test their superpowers by bowling down buildings, stomping on kryptonite, and posing in their best flying position so we could make them into a bookmark.  We had a Super Origami class where they folded an origami Batman and made a ninja flying star disk, a Superhero Science Hour where they made it rain and had water races, and a Magic Tree House program where we all learned how to be ninjas.  Young readers became super readers at our weekley sessions where they read to a therapy dog.  Teens created perler bead superheroes, performed in our annual teen-written theater production, and became community heroes themselves by making dog toys for the Humane Society.  Our library also hosted its first-ever 5K race along with a Fun Run and Family Story Walk so there was something for everyone.  Since we are located right on the main street in our city, it was a fantastic way to visibly show everyone that the library is the place to be.

Now that it’s August and things are starting to wind down, we still try to maintain the momentum so that we have as much enthusiasm for the remaining programs as we did at the beginning of the summer.  The superhero theme has been a great one to work with.  And the response our staff has received from our community for all the programs we’ve offered has made us feel like the superheroes we know we are.

-Mary Ferris, YSS President