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News from SMART

SMART 2015 Election Results

  1. Nancy Howe: VP/President Elect
  2. Emily Lunceford: Secretary
  3. Jacelyn McKewan: Director-at-Large

Spring CE

On May 7th, the Wood Library in Canandaigua hosted SMART’s Spring CE. The all-day presentation by Abby Stokes was enthusiastically received by all attendees. The morning’s topic was tips for teaching technology to digital immigrants, and the afternoon expanded on that, looking at devices and social media without getting lost in ‘tech talk’. The CE had 22 attendees and all were very pleased with Abby, her presentation, and the materials she brought to share.

Conference Programs

Library Freedom Project & Practical Privacy Tools
Alison Macrina, founder of the Library Freedom Project  (, will speak about her work advocating for  and teaching about privacy in libraries. The Library Freedom Project is  a partnership among librarians, technologists, attorneys, and privacy  activists that aims to make real the promise of intellectual freedom in  libraries by teaching librarians and their local communities about  privacy rights and tools to safeguard online communications. Alison will  talk about the genesis and goals of the Library Freedom Project and will  conclude with a brief demonstration of some practical privacy tools that  can be installed on public PCs or taught to patrons in computer classes.

We Hope You Had An Amazing Experience
The public library is brought to the life by the community. Through collaboration, partnerships, programming for all ages, and above all, excellent and human customer service, the public library needs to give the community an experience they won't forget. Justin Hoenke, (Coordinator of Teen Services and Manager of the 2nd Floor at the Chattanooga Public Library) will share ideas and real life examples about how public libraries can offer their communities services and experiences that best fit their current needs.

Making Space for a Makerspace
No extra space? No money? Even small and rural libraries can join the Maker Movement!  Learn how one small library creatively designed and integrated a space dedicated to education and inspiration.  With inventive thinking, explore how your library can expand its collection with books, tools, and technology; ways to connect and collaborate with local organizations; how to find the space, funding, and resources; and ideas to inspire community enthusiasm for a Makerspace.

Productivity in the Library
Ron Kirsop, Assistant Director of the Pioneer Library System, will be discussing his thoughts on improving  productivity through planning strategies, organization, project management, time management, and technology. This program aims to shift the way we think about our day to day priorities in the work place in an effort to become the most productive versions of ourselves.

- April Steenburgh, SMART President