New York Library Association. - The eBulletin

August 7, 2015

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama:

The New York Library Association believes that the Library of Congress is critically important as a leader for our nation’s libraries and cultural institutions, and as a global exemplar for democratic principles and lifelong education.  As you contemplate the appointment of the next Librarian of Congress we strongly urge you to appoint a certified, professional librarian with the following competencies:

  1. experience as the Director/CEO of a library serving the public and/or research community;
  2. expertise in the management of digital assets;
  3. an understanding of scholarly research and scholarly communication;
  4. communication, marketing and resource development skills; and
  5. vision, entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to collaboration.

Diversity and inclusion are foundational values of the library profession and essential elements in the provision of library resources, services, and staffing. We therefore urge also that, in making this appointment, strong consideration be given to a nominee who is a library leader reflective of the diversity of this nation.

The next Librarian of Congress will be the spokesperson and a partner in the global library community, understanding the integral role libraries of all types play in formal and autodidactic education, economic development, digital fluency and community cohesion.  

The New York Library Association strongly believes all Americans must have access to the information needed to succeed in the new and emerging economy, and lead productive lives in the digital age. The next Librarian of Congress must be a strong advocate for those information services, and a champion for equitable access and inclusion.  Strong library and information services are essential to creating and maintaining an informed citizenry to serve as guardians of our democratic principles. It is our view, and we hope one that you share, that a professional, lifelong librarian is best suited to understand this role and serve as the next leader of the Library of Congress.


The 2015 NYLA Council