Minutes, May 23, 2008

Library Association NYLA

Academic and Special Libraries Section (ASLS) Board Meeting

Friday, May 23, 2008

Rakow Library, Corning Museum of Glass


Present: Elaine Lasda Bergman, Deborah Emerson, Karen Gardner-Athey, Nancy V. Morgan, Aprille C. Nace, Amy Pass

Call-in Attendees: Nancy Howe, Elizabeth Putnam, Jean Sheviak, Lori Wies

Absent: Carol Anne Germain, Judy Fischetti, Tessa Killian, Erin Rushton

Approval of minutes from previous Board meeting

Minutes from the February 2, 2007 meeting were unanimously approved.

President’s Report

Special Libraries Letter

Aprille is continuing to update the contact letter which will be used to encourage NY special libraries to join NYLA. The group discussed suggestions for the types of benefits these libraries would gain from NYLA membership:

  1. Exposure (to all types of libraries and the wider community; valuable especially to smaller libraries)
  2. Networking opportunities
  3. Conference programming offers professional development and skill-building opportunities, plus forum for idea exchange

Aprille will send the updated letter to the Board for review. The next step is to obtain mailing information in a spreadsheet form. Several Board members offered ideas on where to get this information, including library directories, RRLC membership, and other library group web sites. Elaine may be able to get a volunteer to help with data entry once the mailing list is obtained.

Joint Section Reception

Aprille is still searching for a good location in Saratoga for the joint section reception (with RASS and SMART at the November 2008 Annual Conference). Cost and size are an issue. The group discussed several local venues that may be possibilities.

Publicity will be important for this event, and the group determined that several methods may be effective:

  • promotion on the ASLS web site
  • flyers in the conference packet and to hand out at the booth
  • paper and/or email mailing to members prior to the meeting
  • newsletter article
  • stickers/pins to give out at the ASLS booth


A large quantity of ASLS t-shirts are still available; the group discussed possible ways of getting these out to members:

  • refer a member and get a t-shirt
  • sign up for the ASLS section (as part of a NYLA membership) and get a t-shirt
  • as possible prizes at the conference

Elaine reviewed the financial figures regarding the shirts. Jean will let us know how many t-shirts are available and in what sizes and the Board can proceed in implementing some of these ideas.

Old Business

Conference Programs

On behalf of Erin, Aprille reviewed the finalized conference programs list. Some speakers will need financial reimbursement for mileage and/or lodging.

The Board discussed meal options for food at the Board meeting at NYLA’s Annual Conference. Aprille will follow up with costs and menu ideas.

2008 Conference Booth

Elaine will determine if Carol Ann Germain would like to do the 2008 Conference booth, on her idea of a “products of libraries” theme. The Board agreed that this is an excellent idea and would welcome this plan. This may also be a great opportunity for ASLS volunteers to participate in a NYLA activity.

Aprille may be able to provide a raffle item again this year for the conference. If this doesn’t work out, other Board ideas included donations from vendors or NYS regional “specialties.”

New Business

Treasurer’s Report – Submitted by Elaine Lasda Bergman


We received a similar amount of Dues revenue this quarter as we did for the first quarter of 2007 (this year we received $0.75 less). We also received reimbursement for our 2007 Ridley Internship expenditure. NYLA had erroneously double-entered a check in our account for $35.40 in 2007; the error was resolved by crediting our account this January.


We had no board meetings or conference calls this quarter, therefore there were no expenditures in this regard. Stephen Abram’s travel expenses for the 2007 conference were reimbursed this quarter, and as agreed upon by the board, ASLS once again contributed $250.00 towards the NYLA Lobby Day effort. Our result is a net increase of nearly $2,000 and a healthy balance for ASLS of over $15,000.

Web Liaison’s Report

Amy and Aprille have formed a sub-committee (composed of ASLS volunteers) to share ideas and implement changes and updates to the ASLS web site. The group has a wiki to implement idea exchange and communication and will work together over the next few months to update the site. Suggestions and ideas from any ASLS member are welcome, as well as any photos or news/information postings that members would like incorporated into the site.

ASLS Archive

Nancy M. has worked to catalog the contents of the ASLS archive boxes she’s maintaining (see Attachment A, “ASLS Archives Inventory”). She is willing to store them for now but a more permanent and archive-friendly location needs to be found. It may be possible to store the materials (once they’re completely organized and weeded) with the rest of the NYLA materials at the NYS Museum official NYLA archives.

Aprille will create a record retention plan, and she and Amy are available to help digitize selected archival materials. This will make it possible to share them with a wider audience and, in some cases, make a paper copy unnecessary.

Committee Reports


Aprille reported on behalf of Judy and Tessa that the newsletter deadline for submissions will be 7/14/08 and publication date will be 7/21/08. Judy and Tessa provided a list of suggested articles and article topics, and the Board added a few items, including:

  • new member spotlight
  • advertisement for joint section reception at NYLA November 2008 Conference
  • trivia questions to solicit information about ASLS history from long-time members

Legislative Committee

Jean called in to the meeting to report to the group about the “mini Lobby Day” held last week. The day was a success, with positive meetings with Congressman Hugh Farley, Assemblywoman Amy R. Paulin and Bruno staffer Mike Fox. 

Jean suggested that the Board read John Myers’ article “Call for Advocacy!” in the Spring 2008 NYLA SMART newsletter. It addresses advocacy and legislative issues from a fresh perspective, sharing Myers’ thoughts on why libraries should care about advocacy.

Nominating/Awards Committee

NYLA elections will be held from June 15 - July 15, 2008. A link to the online election page will be placed on the ASLS page of the NYLA site. Currently a slate of ASLS candidates is posted on the site.

The conference scholarship application information is ready to be posted to the ASLS site. The Board discussed requirements for applicants and determined that any ASLS member, regardless of their occupation or library affiliation, is welcome to apply for the scholarship. 

The winner of the Ridley Award will be announced at the ASLS section reception at the 2008 NYLA conference. Application information will be posted on the web site, in the newsletter, and via listservs. A subcommittee will be formed to evaluate the applications and select the winner (Lorie and Karen have volunteered for this group). The Board also discussed ways to share information about past winners, and will (as a start) investigate obtaining a report or progress update from last year’s winner to include in the newsletter.

Continuing Education

No report.

Next Board Meeting Date

The next Board Meeting will be in early August. Aprille will contact the Board by e-mail to select a date that will work fo rhte majority of people. Erin Rushton has agreed to run the meeting in Aprille’s absence.

Open Forum

ENY/ACRL has shown an interest in having a joint luncheon or reception with us at the 2008 NYLA Conference. and Elizabeth will follow-up with them. Debby will talk with Western NY people to see if they want to be involved, too.

Aprille has been considering ways in which ASLS members can be more involved in ASLS activities as volunteers. One is to be members of committees, and the Board discussed whether or not committees have to be formed of only Board members. The group determined that any ASLS member can participate in a committee, but that Board members should head the groups. One project idea is for ASLS to create a calendar (to be offered for sale) filled with submissions (library photos, etc.) from member libraries. Aprille will talk to NYLA to find out the feasibility of this type of project.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:45pm