Minutes, September 12, 2008

New York Library Association NYLA

Academic and Special Libraries Section (ASLS) Board Meeting

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mohawk Valley Library System


Present: Elaine Lasda Bergman, Regan Brumagen, Karen Gardner-Athey, Sheryl Knab, Nancy Virgil Morgan, Aprille Nace, Elizabeth Putnam, Erin Rushton, Jean Sheviak, Lori Weis.

Absent: Deborah Emerson, Carol Anne Germain, Judy Fischetti, Tessa Killian, Amy Pass.

Approval of minutes from previous Board meeting:

Minutes from the May 23, 2008 meeting were unanimously approved.

President’s Report:

NYLA Council Meeting: The new information literacy standards for digital learners were discussed. It was felt that they would help school libraries. NYLA’s statement for the online protection act was reviewed.

Membership is currently 400, with 18 new members.

Old Business

Conference Programs Update

All presenters are providing their own laptops and projectors resulting in a big savings.

NYLA asked if we would like the award winners announced in the program and/or the Inaugural event. It was decided that doing so would help to promote the awards and we would try it this year. Erin will send a blurb to NYLA about the awards and the name of the winners.

Elaine volunteered to moderate the “What to do with a library degree” session.

The ASLS Board meeting will be Wednesday from 7-10 p.m. Dinner will be included. No room location as of this date for the meeting.

Web Improvement Committee

Members: Amy Pass, The Sage Colleges Libraries; Regan Brumagen, Corning Museum of Glass; Leigh Mihlrad, Schaffer Library of Health Sciences Albany Medical College; Heidi Pettitt, recent graduate of Syracuse University.

The board reviewed several ideas from the committee for improving the ASLS section of the NYLA web site. It was agreed that there would be a Phase I and II and committee needs to identify were they need additional help. We also need an ASLS photographer. The following ideas were approved (see handout):

  • New member section, with the suggestion to also list new members.
  • Forms for awards applications: suggested a pdf that could be filled out electronically.
  • President’s message: also add president’s name and institution.
  • Photos on history page: Jean will contact Dave Titus for photos. There may also be pictures in the NYLA archives.
  • Award winners photos: Unsure if have photos for past winners. Will start taking photos of winners.
  • Create committee pages: Good way to market committees and get membership involvement. Could include name of chair and contact information, how to join, what the committee does and past accomplishments.
  • Place for future ASLS programming suggestions: suggest linking to Survey Monkey (Sheryl has subscription).
  • Create a Flickr account for photos: suggest Facebook instead. More research may be needed on how best to handle photos.
  • Reports from previous award winners: ask for short 2 paragraph report from winners.
  • Post board member photos: take group photo at Board meeting.
  • Add captions to photos.
  • Link to presenters’ materials from ASLS web site: Phase 1 would be PowerPoint slides and handouts. Presiders will write brief summaries. Erin will check with presiders who are not ASLS Board members. Phase 2 could be blogging and audio and video recordings.
  • Highlight innovative members: This is already being done in the newsletter. It was noted that the Board needs to be more proactive in asking members. Asst. Director of the LIRC may be willing to write something on audio/video recording. 3 R’s have access to what their members are doing. Board members should make a list and send to Aprille.
  • Volunteers opportunities page: Tie into committee page. Important to include what the committee does and its impact.

Did not approve:

  • Interactive calendar: difficult to maintain; may not have enough events.
  • Links to members’ blogs: will use Facebook instead. Elaine has created an ASLS Facebook account.
  • Create an ASLS blog: not enough news, hard to keep up to date. Send releases to active blogs instead.

Membership meeting/section reception update

The joint membership reception with RASS and SMART will be held in the conference hotel, Ballroom 1, Thursday November 6 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Patty McCall is taking the lead in organizing the event for ASLS. There will be a cash bar and appetizers. To market the event there will be information in the next newsletter, stickers (?), sign at booth. Aprille will coordinate marketing and the door prizes with RASS and SMART.

New Business

Conference Booth

Carole Ann and Elaine are taking the lead on the booth. Theme is products from Special Libraries. CLRC has a box of conference related materials.


Corning Museum of Glass is providing the door prize, consisting of 2 tumblers, a t-shirt, 2 tickets to make glass, and possibly more to come.

Tickets will be $2 each or 3 for $5. Aprille will get the raffle tickets.

Academic Libraries Conference

Do we to continue as a sponsor? Started as an ASLS initiative as a conference for library directors. Is now more 3Rs driven. Is held every two years in the Fall, usually in Albany/Saratoga area. NYLA sees this conference as a competitor. Ideas include keeping it conceptual/theoretical, not training related.

Action items:

  • Talk with Michael Borges regarding changing it to a Conference within a Conference track at NYLA starting in 2010, then bring it back to the Board. (Jean)
  • Poll directors on the usefulness of the conference.

Treasurer’s Report

The second Quarter of 2008 saw a healthy influx of dues, plus we received the money for last year’s Ridley Internship. The newsletter cost has been reduced by about 90% since it has been moved to an electronic format. The other significant expense this quarter was for the board meeting in Corning, NY.

During the months of July and August, we paid the registration for Angela Thor, our Conference Scholarship winner. In addition, we reimbursed the Steiner Library for their Ridley Internship, which has been completed. Again, we have saved significant expenses with the electronic newsletter. Get-well flowers were also sent to a board member as a miscellaneous expense.

Committee Reports


  • The next newsletter will be published October 2, with the articles due to Judy September 26.
  • Message from the President (Aprille)
  • Invitation to the membership meeting at NYLA (Aprille)
  • ASLS Programs for the 2008 conference (with speakers’ photos if possible) (Sheryl, Erin)
  • NYLA Legislative Committee report (Jean)
  • Raffle for conference (Aprille)
  • Tips for Mid-Career Librarians: include invitation suggestions for future columns (Lorie)
  • Tips for New Librarians: include invitation for suggestions for future columns (Carol Anne)
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Spotlight on a Special Library: AMRI by Patti McCall
  • ask people to sign up to work the booth (Aprille)


Jean noted that NYS is in a funding crisis. Most major programs have received their funding, with cuts. Those who have not received funding may not because there are no monies left.

There was a 2% cut off the top.

$3.2 million additional was slated to be cut. Michael Borges was able to get this reduced to $900,000. Jean suggested that all thank him in person or by email.

Next year’s budget will start at the base figure for this year, then additional cuts will be taken. Unless the stock market turns around, funding for next year will not be good.

A high priority with the SED is to replace the State Librarian who retired earlier this year, with the goal to be able to announce the name at the NYLA Conference.


ASLS/Ridley’s Book Bindery Student Internship Grant winner: Nazareth College

Conference Scholarship winner: Michele Costello from SUNY Geneseo/Milne Library.

Discussed ways to market the awards since we only had one applicant for each. We will promote in the NYLA Bulletin under section news, and will ask the 3Rs to help distribute information about the awards.

Dewey Fellowship: nominate Judy Fischetti.


Elizabeth has been working on getting closer collaboration with ENY/ACRL, with little results. Rather than a joint get-together at NYLA, it was suggested that the networking could be done informally at the Brown Bag lunches. Jean is attending the Plattsburgh event and we can start there. Elizabeth will contact the ENY/ACLR president.


Meeting Adjourned 1:40 p.m.