Minutes, November 5, 2008

New York Library Association NYLA

Academic and Special Libraries Section (ASLS) Board Meeting

November 5, 2008

Saratoga Hilton, Saratoga, NY


Present: Regan Brumagen, Deborah Emerson, Judy Fischetti, Karen Gardner-Athey, Sheryl Knab, Aprille C. Nace, Amy Pass, Elizabeth Putnam, Erin Rushton, Lori Wies

Absent: Elaine Lasda Bergman, Kathryn Frederick, Carol Anne Germain, Tessa Killian, Nancy V. Morgan, Jean Sheviak

Approval of minutes from previous Board meeting

Minutes from the September 12, 2008 meeting were unanimously approved.

Old Business

2008 Conference/ Booth

The booth is set up and ready to go. Volunteers have signed up to staff the booth, and t-shirts are available to sell. Corning generously donated the raffle prize again this year. Erin will double-check to ensure that laptops and projectors are ready for the ASLS-sponsored presenters.

Treasurer’s Report – Submitted by Elaine Lasda Bergman

We have about $20 more dues revenue for September than we did for September, 2007. However, last year, by this time we had a total of $4,537.75 in dues revenue from January through September, whereas in 2008 we have $4,303.50, or $234.25 less than 2007. We have three Conference Scholarships for Angela Thor, Sara Makimiek, and Michelle Costello, one fell in 3rd quarter 2008 and two fill fall in 4th quarter and are listed in the October expenses. These scholarships totaled $505.00. This report was approved unanimously with an addition of a $150.00 expenditure; a donation to the NYSLAA, New York State Library Assistants.

Debby Emerson is working to get money from Ridley for the scholarship. She needs new contact information, and Aprille will check with NYLA to locate new information.

Aprille reported on the NYLA finance meeting (held during the 2008 NYLA Conference):

  • Galina would like sections to formalize the process for Section reimbursement. Each NYLA section needs to pass a formal resolution (or place this information in their bylaws) regarding how many signatures (one or two?) of approval need to be on reimbursement forms. ASLS currently requires the signature of the president and the treasurer on each reimbursement and proposes that this remain in place. A motion was made and passed to put this information in the ASLS bylaws, if not already present.
  • When submitting receipts for reimbursement, the receipts must be originals, not copies.
  • Please submit a print out of a Google map showing your travel route/mileage, when submitting a reimbursement request for mileage.

Committee Reports


Judy reported that the next newsletter will be published in February/March 2009. It is too early to plan content, but she has received agreement from previous regular contributors to contribute material again to next years’ newsletters. Judi asked for recommendations of special librarians who may be willing to write pieces about their libraries. She shared a list of ideas and welcomes any suggestions.

Legislative Committee

No report.

Nominating/Awards Committee

Debby Emerson reported on the winner of the conference scholarship, Michelle Costello. The Lorette Wilmot Library at Nazareth College in Rochester, NY has won the Ridley Book Bindery Student Internship Grant. No nominations have been received for the Spirit of Librarianship award so no award will be granted this year.

Other Business

Joint Section Reception

Signs, door prizes, food arrangements, and cash bar are all prepared for the reception on Nov. 6, 2008 from 6-7pm. The reception will be in the Saratoga Hilton.

Sheryl reported that the New York 3Rs met. Mary-Carol Lindbloom has offered to help manage a joint ASLS/3Rs conference in Spring 2009. This event may be held in Syracuse. The board approved this possible collaboration and Sheryl will share this information with Mary-Carol. Aprille volunteered to help Mary-Carol, Sheryl will let Mary-Carol know.

New Business

2009 Conference Programming Ideas

The deadline for section submissions of 2009 NYLA conference programs is 1/5/09. ASLS will have seven slots. The board brainstormed to come up with ideas:

  1. Mobile technologies (chat services for patrons, using for staff development, etc.)
  2. Intellectual freedom
  3. Digital copyright (freelance photographers photos, advertisements, kids photos, etc.)
  4. Preservation issues
  5. Archives (archival description, EAD, creating finding aids)
  6. Digital repositories (management issues, logistics)
  7. Tenure preparation (portfolio creation, presenting yourself, preparing for your review)
  8. Federated search (products/vendors, open-source products)
  9. Presentation from the founder of LibLime
  10. Scholarly communication/publishing initiatives (i.e. NIH open repository of research articles)
  11. User-generated comments (integrating into catalogs, demonstrating value to “higher-ups,” i.e. ENCORE enhanced cataloging, WorldCat’s user reviews, expanding your collection based on user feedback)
  12. Shoestring budgeting
  13. Resource sharing
  14. Staff training (ways to energize staff)
  15. Instruction (strategies for more effective teaching)

For each suggested topic it helps to have an idea of potential speakers (names/titles).

This list will be generalized into themes (Regan will prepare/edit with help from the board) and will be sent to ASLS members to help select the top topics they’d be interested in seeing at the 2009 conference. This recommendation from the membership will help the board prioritize the list.

The board was reminded that ASLS will have a C.E. program next year. Will any of these program ideas lend themselves to a credit-bearing workshop? The board considered the “archives” topic as a potential C.E.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.