Pecha Kucha Presentations - NYLA 2015 Conference

What is a Pecha Kucha Presentation?
Pecha Kucha is a presentation methodology in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (6 minutes, 40 seconds in total).  It is an opportunity for several presenters to share information about a research problem, project, or study with many colleagues by developing slide show presentations.  Presenters may include printed materials or handouts, so long as the presentation remains under 6:40.  A few minutes will be designated on either side of the presentation for set-up/break-down of materials.

Library in the Community

Presented by Jim Foster, Clifton Park-Halfmoon Library

"One of our goals is to take the library beyond our walls and into the community. Here are five relatively simple programs that have helped us achieve that goal: Trivia Night at Ravenswood; Book Club at Coberg Village; Author Talk in the School Auditorium; Science and Health Night and SHENsational; and Library Table at the Farmers Market."

Books By Bike

Presented by Jennifer Lenio, Rochester Public Library

"Arnett Branch has a new location: Books by Bike! Books by Bike increases the library’s ability to provide library services during outreach events in the community, increases the library's visibility in the community and promotes sustainability (biking being a clean mode of transportation). Arnett staff are able to reach people who might not be able to travel to the library or who might not even be aware of the library and its services. It also increases the services (circulation and reference) that can be provided to the community when staff are out at events such as the 19th Ward’s Square Fair, the Arnett Block Association party, the E2 (Enterprise and Ellicott) Block Club party, the Westside Farmers Market and more. Along with charging out library books to patrons, Books by Bike often also has free books to give away, so look for it out and about this summer and fall in the 19th Ward!"

Pull Up a Chair: Offering Referrals to Older Adults

Presented by Marissa Richardson, Westchester Library System

"Lower income older adults are an under-served population in many different libraries. Older adults hold many different titles and different responsibilities. Pull up a Chair at the library: Discover services that can benefit you now is a referral service for older adults. Since March 2015 the program has been answering questions related to jobs, health, family, and housing. This presentation talks about the challenges related to the program and the outcomes."

Retro Tech in the Modern Children's Room

Presented by Stephanie Hartwell-Mandella, Katonah Village Library

"This burgeoning age of ever-changing technology has created many wonderful opportunities for people, but it has also created new challenges. Access to technology is not equal in all communities. With instant access to all types of information and entertainment, many parents are struggling with defining technological boundaries and content in their own lives and in the lives of their children. Today’s parents often speak of their over-scheduled, fast-paced, instant-access lives and the lack of opportunity for children to simply explore in their own way and at their own pace. These opportunities are further limited in today’s educational environment, where the emphasis on test scores pressures schools and teachers to curtail or even eliminate whole segments of subject matter. At Katonah Village Library, we have had success in the children’s room in supporting patrons wanting to take a step back from the ever-present technology by embracing more “classic” programming, and creating an environment that supports “hands –on” manipulation and intellectual exploration. We work to provide a balance between technology and “hands on “ exploration by offering some programs that focus on technology and others with a more “classic” content, and by creating a cultural and physical environment that embraces both. Recent examples include Cursive Writing, Lego Mania, Observation/Exploration Station, Bingo, raising Butterflies, hands-on science projects, felt boards, film strips and more."

Encouraging Physical Activity in Children

Presented by Kim Hazen, Guernsey Memorial Library

"I will discuss "Keep Moving: All Movement Counts!" a game that was created to encourage physical activity in children."

#tinylibrary: A Year in the Life of a Rural Library

Presented by Rebecca Donnelly, Norwood Public Library

"Every library is different—and rural libraries are REALLY different. Norwood Public Library (or #tinylibrary, as I call it on Twitter) has a staff of 2—a director, and a part-time library assistant. We serve a population of less than 3000 with a budget of about $88,000 in a special legislative district in St. Lawrence County. My professional philosophy is simple: add value. Make that hard-won funding return something to the people who paid it. All the work of the library, by staff, trustees, Friends, and volunteers, is directed at this goal. In the past year—my first as director, coming from a children’s librarian position in a suburban New Mexico library—we’ve done some heavy weeding, shifting, and inventory of the entire collection, reorganized our kids’ section, added programs like Lego Building Zone and Read to the Dogs, organized a Wellness Fair that attracted over 300 people, started a teen group, funded a monthly Head Start book giveaway, invited community groups to set up displays in the library, started a lending collection of canning equipment, received construction grants and children’s book grants, revitalized our newsletter, and we’re in the process of redesigning our website. This is the chronicle of one year as the new director of a small library in what one of my patrons called “survivalist” country. And I’m happy to be here."

Memory on Our Minds

Presented by Catherine Given, Half Hollow Hills Community Library

"Will show slides of our weekly in-house Memory Fitness program - w/puzzles, word games, trivia, memory tips; slides of monthly offsite Memory Cafe gathering for those w/memory loss and their caregivers - w/music, dancing, free Italian buffet and soon, karaoke, and slides re: Music and Memory(TM)--our library's free lifetime loan of iPods preloaded w/ Alzheimer's patients' favorite music. Also listing resources of our Memory Care Collection including puzzles that circulate and Pete the Repeat Parrot."

Implementing ESL Programs & Services for your Population

Presented by Paul Drezelo, William K. Sanford Town Library

"In partnership with Literacy New York, Colonie Library implemented English as a Second Language (ESL) program and services beginning in 2013. The programs consist of beginning, intermediate and advanced weekly classes, individual tutors, a shared offsite teaching location, referral, naturalization program and materials and enhanced ESL collection.  This presentation will describe how it was implemented, the programs in detail and data highlighting its progress and success!"

Librarian-Faculty Collaboration: Information Literacy Instruction Across Campus

Presented by Eduardo Rivera & Lawrence Paretta, Long Island University - LIU Post

"What started as a pilot between the Library and the English Department at LIU Post has turned into one of the most successful collaborations on campus. The program consists of targeted research sessions conducted by Library faculty members to a number of sections of an introductory English composition course. Success of the program has been measured both directly and indirectly using a rubric as well as a self-report method. This presentation focuses on how the collaboration came to be, the type of instruction provided and why it is unique, and in what ways the partnership benefits the students as well as the academic units involved. Assessment methods and results are also described in detail."

A Match Made in Heaven: The Greece Public Library - RIT Partnership

Presented by Cathy Henderson, Greece Public Library

"We had the laptop lab. They had the expertise. We wanted quality technology programming for kids and teens. They wanted an outreach venue and opportunities for their student ambassadors. The Greece Public Library - RIT College of Computing & Information Sciences collaboration was born! We'll tell you how it all came together and also share some unexpected - and very exciting - consequences of the partnership for our staff and community."