Minutes, September 11, 2009

New York Library Association NYLA

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Board Meeting Minutes

Friday September 11th 10am - Conference Call

09/11/2009 Board Meeting -- September Posted on: 11/03/2009

Posted by: ASLS - Amy Pass

Present: Elaine Lasda Bergman, Regan Brumagen, Deborah Emerson, Judy Fischetti, Nancy Morgan, Amy Pass, Erin Rushton


Call to Order/Introductions

Approval of minutes from previous Board meeting

Minutes from the May 27,2009 meeting were unanimously approved pending modification of a typographical error in the “ARIA Proposal” section under “New Business”.

President's Report – Erin Rushton

Erin alerted us to the date of the next the NYLA Council Meeting (9/24/09). There is no other news to report other than the passage of NYSHEI’s ARIA proposal.

Old and New Business

Conference Programming – Regan Brumagen

Regan is working out the last few details regarding conference programming but at this point we are doing well. She will double-check on projector and laptop needs/availability and will send a note to the Board to confirm that everything is set.

Conference Booth – Debby Emerson

Debby reported that the ASLS membership has been contacted regarding items to display at the booth. No responses yet, but she will send another message out. She will also talk personally with some local groups/libraries as well as inserting a request in the next issue of the newsletter. Some questions were discussed:

  • Will we sell t-shirts at the booth? Yes, Aprille has the leftover stock
  • Do we need more raffle items? Yes. Elaine reported that her SUNY Albany colleague will provide some handcrafted items. In addition, ASLS Board members may have items to contribute. We’ll also look into purchasing items, such as wine, “librarian” coffee, etc. Regan has raffle tickets for us to use. We may also be able to get some donations from vendors. We’ll need to check with headquarters to ensure we’re not asking the same groups that they will be working with.

Debby will draw up a schedule for staffing the booth.

CE Program – Erin Rushton on behalf of Elizabeth Putnam

As of 9/2 there are 7 registrants in the CE program. Is this enough? The group determined that if headquarters allows it, as long as our costs are covered this number is satisfactory. Erin will check with Elizabeth to see if there are any quotas we must meet for registration.

A room monitor is still needed, and Erin will see if anyone on the Board can do this job. If not, we will survey the ASLS membership (Erin will check to see if that person can then attend the event for free).

Academic Director’s Conference – Erin Rushton on behalf of Aprille Nace

This event will be held on June 7-8,2010 at the Holiday Inn, Ithaca NY. Two additional speakers are still needed; Aprille is working on this. ASLS has contributed to this event in the past ($1000). The Board agreed that we will not only fund this event again but will contribute $1500 this year.

Section Reception – Erin Rushton

We will be hosting this event in a hotel suite so we may bring our own food and beverages. Some ideas for food were discussed and Erin will investigate the options available near the hotel. The reception will be co-sponsored with SMART.

Newsletter – Judy Fischetti

The next issue of the newsletter will focus on the NYLA Conference in Niagara Falls. Articles are due on September 25 and the proposed publication date is September 30. Judy needs information on the booth and any details about the conference that may be of interest to our readers. Erin will send information about the award winners to include in the newsletter as well. The issue following this one will include a conference follow-up so Judy would appreciate any information and especially photographs to include.

Financial Report – Kathryn Frederick

Kathryn submitted her report via e-mail prior to the meeting:

As of August 31st , the ASLS treasury contains $17,919.74. This amount compares favorably to $15,834.82 at the same time in 2008, and $13,523.51 at the same time in 2007. Unlike in past years, we have paid out the $1,000.00 Ridley Internship Grant, but have yet to be reimbursed by Ridley (I’m on it), so you might say we’re doing even better than we look on paper.

Despite the economy, our dues allocation remains steady compared to 2008 and 2007 (A). Our non-conference expenses so far this year are far less than in 2007 and slightly less than in 2008 (B). This is largely due to a tendency to hold conference calls rather than in-person meetings.

Of course, the annual conference is when most of our expenditures occur, but it looks like we will end 2009 in a better financial position than we have in past years.

A. Dues, January – August

2009: $3914.83
2008: $3877.25
2007: $4134.50

B. Non-conference expenses, January – August:

2009: $1799.55
2008: $1920.33
2007: $2834.1

ASLS Leadership Manual

Board members were encouraged to continuing working on their sections.

The next meeting will be held at conference.


Meeting adjourned at 12pm.