Why Attend the NYLA Conference?

Building an Argument For Your Boss

Coming to NYLA's Annual Conference & Trade Show offers a variety of career enhancing opportunities - but convincing your boss for the time off or for funding to attend may prove to be a challenge.

The key is to convince your boss how the Conference will make you better at your profession - and a better employee at your library.

NYLA's purpose is to lead in the development, promotion, and improvement of library and information services and the profession of librarianship in order to enhance learning, quality of life, and equal opprtunity for all New Yorkers.  NYLA's Conference is held annually to provide the knowledge and tools to keep all library professionals at the cutting edge of your profession.

How do we do this?

Over 70 programs for all segments of librarianship

Over 150 vendors to update you on the latest products and services

Networking opportunities with 1,000s of your peers

7 Continuing education classes

Continuing education hours are required for many types of librarians to retain certification.  Bottom line - you need these courses to keep your job.  What better way to meet these requirements than in a setting with your peers?

Draft a plan

After you return from Conference, how will you use the information you were provided?  Outline how you plan to share the information with the library and your colleagues.

Organize a team meeting for all library staff upon your return - let them know what you learned and how you can use this to enhance your library!  Assign some of these tasks out to each individual employee.  If you can share your knowledge, it will be more cost efficient to spread it amongst your peers!

Set a goal for yourself while away.  If there is a particular trend that you want to learn more about, focus on programs or workshops in that area.  Meet the vendors who can provide you with products or services.

And don't forget to set a plan up for while you are away!  Have a point of contact to be "you" while you are away.  Offer to check and respond to your e-mails frequently.  Ensure that your work doesn't suffer being away fromt he library for a few days.

What about the cost?

The NYLA Conference can be done very affordably.  The most important thing to remember is to register EARLY.

Registration rates will be posted soon, and include package, full conference, and single-day options, designed to accomodate any budget.

What if I can't stay for all 3 days?

Please see the registration rates page for information on single-day conference options.