2015 Conference Program Descriptions

Thursday, October 22

Program Slot #1, 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM

Copyright Without Tears

Join attorney Paul Rapp in a spirited and frank discussion of basic copyright principles, with an emphasis on aspects of copyright law that most directly impact libraries. Paul will then explore current copyright issues, including those arising from digital media and the internet, the Georgia State litigation, and the current landscape of copyright reform. There will be ample time for Q & A.
Track: Core Knowledge & Career Development
Speaker: Paul Rapp, The Law Office of Paul C. Rapp

Prison Libraries, Films in Small Spaces

Sponsors: CORT / FILM, RLSP
Franklin CF's film series changes focus throughout the year; some months highlight book-to-film adaptations, other months have a genre focus, yet others highlight a shared holiday or an obscure anniversary. All is done within the library to attract non-library users and to involve regular library patrons. Peter Nastasi will outline how he cheerfully contends with constraints imposed on him by time, space, movie content, format, and source.
Track: Diverse & Special Populations
Speaker: Peter Nastasi, Franklin Correctional Facility

Libraries in the Teeth of Change

Sponsors: NY3Rs / ASLS
The Libraries in the Teeth of Change: Trends, Possibilities session comprises two aspects: 1) a survey of trends shaping education and libraries into the future which include technologies (jncluding educational) and social contexts (policy, economics, demographics); and 2) several scenarios for the future of education including possible ways campuses and libraries will become different. Bryan Alexander is a futurist, researcher, writer, speaker, consultant, and teacher working in the field of how technology transforms education. He completed his English Language and Literature PhD at the University of Michigan in 1997.
Track: Technology & Digital Information
Speaker: Bryan Alexander, http://bryanalexander.org/

Local History for a New Generation

Sponsors: PLS / RASS
Local history programming is often limited to traditional presentations for dedicated patrons and seasoned experts. Encourage a new generation of history fans to explore your city's past with ideas from the panel including social media campaigns, scavenger hunts, participatory roundtables, walking tours, musical performances of local murder ballads, and community oral history projects.
Track: User Services
Ben Himmelfarb, White Plains Public Library
Jim Davies, Albany Public Library

Libraries Help Communities in Crisis

Sponsors: RASS / PLS, LAMS
Learn how libraries can step up when their communities are faced with a crisis, especially distributing information through a national Emergency Preparedness Program. In hurricanes, riots, or other disasters, local libraries offer information, wireless access, and space to cope.
Track: User Services
Kate Flewelling, National Network of Libraries of Medicine / Emergency Preparedness & Response Initiative
Michelle Burda, National Network of Libraries of Medicine / Emergency Preparedness & Response Initiative

Mentoring & Coaching Demystified

Sponsors: SCLA / LAMS
Mentoring and coaching have been established as key characteristics desired by Millennials in their workplace. Both have a key role to play in employee motivation, productivity, and retention. This program aims to alleviate people’s fears about mentoring and to empower participants to incorporate coaching skills into their managing style. It takes less time than you think and is mutually beneficial for both employee and supervisor.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Jennifer Bollerman, Longwood Public Library
Jessica Oelcher, Longwood Public Library

Library Freedom Project & Practical Privacy Tools

Sponsors: SMART / RASS, IFRT
Alison Macrina, founder of the Library Freedom Project (libraryfreedomproject.org), will speak about her work advocating for and teaching about privacy in libraries. The Library Freedom Project is a partnership among librarians, technologists, attorneys, and privacy activists that aims to make real the promise of intellectual freedom in libraries by teaching librarians and their local communities about privacy rights and tools to safeguard online communications. Alison will talk about the genesis and goals of the Library Freedom Project and will conclude with a brief demonstration of some practical privacy tools that can be installed on public PCs or taught to patrons in computer classes.
Track: Technology & Digital Information
Alison Macrina, Library Freedom Project

What Box?  Innovation Through Change

Sponsor: SSL
Engage in a conversation about innovative leadership that can and must be in place to keep libraries relevant and thriving during a renovation or any period of major change. Examples from the two year closure of the Pine Grove Library will be shared. Participant expertise  will provide attendees with ideas and inspiration to LEAD THROUGH CHANGE in and through their libraries.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Susan Kowalski, Pine Grove Middle School

Outreach to Schools & Community Groups

Sponsors: YSS / PLS, SCLA, SLSA, SSL
Getting out into your community can increase your library’s exposure and value to your community as well as drive business through your doors. We’ll talk about why outreach is so important and how to increase and make the most of your outreach opportunities. We’ll also look at some specific programs that libraries have used in their communities and why these programs work.
Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Cathy Brenner, Bethlehem Public Library

Program Slot #2, 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Hot Topics in Academic & Special Libraries

Sponsor: ASLS
Join fellow librarians in round table conversations about trends in academic & special libraries, followed by the ASLS membership meeting.
Track: Current Issues & Research
Karen Gardner-Athey, ASLS President

Regional Resource Guides: Who, Why, How

Sponsors: CORT / RLSP
Re-entry guides are different from one another, but all contain information on local agencies and support services available to former inmates and their families. Come hear how the compilers discover, collect, update, organize, and distribute this information via print and online.
Track: User Services
Heidi Jensen, Pioneer Library System
Elena Falcone, Westchester Library System
Amanda Schiavulli, Finger Lakes Library System

Fifty Shades of Brown

Sponsors: ESRT / RLSP, NYBLC
This program will offer the knowledge to a better understanding of the different needs, cultures, practices, and histories of diverse populations. We will discuss language, literary works from these diverse cultures, audio and visual (movies and art) materials requirements, display of materials, and the planning of literacy programs as well as scheduling of library programs that meet the needs of this diverse group.
Track: Diverse & Special Populations
Wilma Kakie Glover-Koomson, Haverstraw King’s Daughters Public Library

3P's of Stress

Library personnel at every level are experiencing tension, uncertainty, and stress. Learn about the 3 P’s of stress-psychological, physical, and performance to effectively manage the chaos.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Brett Bonfield, Collingswood Library

Toolkits that Get People Talking

Sponsor: NY Council for the Humanities
Want to get people talking? Join this hands-on workshop to see a "Community Conversation" in action.  Learn how each toolkit contains dynamic texts and facilitation tips that can help your library host engaging conversations for adults, youth, and kids. Don't forget to ask how your site can get $200 to host!
Track: User Services
Michael Washburn, New York Council for the Humanities
Lauren Kushnick, New York Council for the Humanities
Tina Thompson, New York Council for the Humanities

Growing Library Leaders with ILEAD USA

The New York State Library, in partnership with the New York Library Association and the Mid-York Library System, collaborated this year with other state library agencies to offer ILEAD USA, an exciting leadership immersion program for all types of librarians in the state. ILEAD USA aims to expand staff skills in leadership, innovation, and technology, with participating teams each developing a project to meet a community need.  Come hear more about this new program and team projects!
Track: Core Knowledge & Career Development
Amanda Latreille, Amalat Consulting
Bernard Margolis, NYS Librarian
ILEAD USA Team Participants

New York Heritage Web Research Portal

Sponsors: PLRT / SMART
New York Heritage is a web portal for educators, historians, genealogists, students, and researchers who are interested in learning more about the people, places, and institutions of New York State. The site provides free access to more than 170 distinct digital collections totaling hundreds of thousands of items. Learn about the New York Heritage web site and how libraries digitize their collections and promote them on New York Heritage.
Track: Current Issues & Research
Julia Corrice, South Central Regional Library Council

Welcoming Special Education in the Library

Sponsors: SSL / RLSP
Libraries are ideally a place for all children, but often it can be difficult to meet the needs of special education students. A veteran special education educator will discuss the unique challenges facing children with multiple disabilities. Learn how weekly library visits and volunteer opportunities instilled a sense of belonging and pride in a group of middle school special education students. This session will provide participants with practical takeaways to be incorporated into the school or public library setting, including resources, technology tools, lesson ideas, and more.
Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Maria Muhlbauer, Pioneer Middle School
Marie Proudman, Pioneer Middle School

YSS Membership Meeting Featuring Jennifer Donnelly

Sponsor: YSS
Join us for a brief membership meeting followed by a presentation from YA author Jennifer Donnelly. Her best-known work, A Northern Light, was set against the backdrop of a murder which took place in the Adirondacks in the summer of 1906, and won the Carnegie Medal, the LA Times Book Prize, the Borders Original Voices Prize, and a Michael L. Printz Honor.
Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Jennifer Donnelly