ILRT Bylaws

Bylaws of the Information Literacy Round Table of the New York Library Association



The name of this unit shall be the Bibliographic Instruction Round Table (BIRT) of the New York Library Association NYLA).



The purposes of this Round Table are to promote library user education as an essential and therefore integral part of library service; to provide a forum within NYLA for communication among all types of librarians involved with library user education; to encourage cooperation and coordination of efforts among New York State librarians so that effective instruction can be offered to all library users; and to provide continuing education opportunities for New York State librarians involved in user education services.



Section 1 –Members

Any personal or organizational member of NYLA may become a member of the Round Table upon payment of dues as specified by NYLA.


Section 2—Rights and Privileges

Only personal members of the Round Table shall have the right to vote and hold office, as well as the right to be appointed to a committee or task force. All members shall receive any Round Table publications and communications.



Section 1—Officers

The elected officers of the Round Table shall be Chair and Treasurer.


Section 2—Duties of the Officers

The Chair shall be responsible for the programs of the Round Table and for NYLA required reports.

The Treasurer shall responsible for all Round Table funds and shall keep full and accurate account of receipts and disbursements in the books of the Round Table.


Section 3—Election and Term of Officers

Officers shall be elected by vote of the Round Table and shall serve until replaced. y of the Executive Board shall carry.



Section 1—Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the Round Table shall be the fiscal year of NYLA.


Section 2—Authorization of Expenditures 

All expenses on behalf of the Round Table must be duly authorized by the President or the Treasurer.