About MSRT

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Making/Steam Culture Roundtable is to establish a virtual and physical community for professional sharing and knowledge exchange focused on Making/STEAM activities and learning in Libraries across Library types.

The roundtable would serve these functions:

  • Connect us around making and STEAM in our libraries and communities
  • Establish a virtual community for discussion and sharing across library types about Making and STEAM
  • Develop a virtual portal for sharing of best practices, news, emerging trends, successes, opportunities
  • Formalize regular opportunities for sharing about Making and STEAM : workshops, webinars, program slots, visits to libraries, etc. at the NYLA conference and throughout the year
  • Plan for, develop and evolve the successful 2014 pilot- NYLA Makers Showcase- for Annual each year
  • Ultimately, if appropriate, desired and supported, we plan to petition to establish this group as a NYLA Section.  This first year as a round table will inform us and help us to formalize our mission more fully through establishment of mission, bylaws and formalized governance required by NYLA.

Roundtable Structure:

The Making/STEAM Roundtable will be managed by a committee to be elected every two years after year one. The committee will organize events for NYLA members at the NYLA Conference and oversee other activities of the roundtable as stated above.

Committee structure:

President/ President Elect/Vice-President / Treasurer / Secretary / up to 2 At-Large members– two year terms for each position.

* The immediate Past President will serve for one additional year to maintain continuity and succession.