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The Empire State Digital Network Completes First Ingest of Metadata into DPLA

By: Chris Stanton, ESDN Metadata Specialist

The Empire State Digital Network (ESDN) is thrilled to report that beginning this February digital collections metadata from institutions throughout the state of New York contributed through ESDN will be represented in the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). With this accomplishment, collections from New York State will now be discoverable alongside nearly 8.5 million (and growing!) metadata records from institutions and collaborative efforts throughout the United States.

DPLA is a national digital library that aggregates metadata for digital objects from libraries, museums, archives, and other cultural heritage institutions from around the country. Those resources are then discoverable through the DPLA portal (including timeline and map features!) as well as through the DPLA API. Metadata records are contributed under a CC0 license and are freely available on the DPLA site, encouraging innovative reuse of contributed metadata.

ESDN is the NY3Rs facilitated DPLA service hub for the state of New York and has responsibility for bringing together digital collections metadata from institutions throughout New York for contribution to DPLA. ESDN transforms and normalizes contributed metadata in order to provide a single feed of partner metadata to DPLA, in addition to working with partners on issues relating to metadata mapping, quality and sharing.

In January, ESDN completed an initial ingest into DPLA of nearly 100,000 metadata records from collections in New York Heritage, Long Island Memories and Hudson River Valley Heritage, in addition to the digital collections of the New York State Library.

This contribution represents a total of 71 institutions from NY3Rs regional council hosted collections, along with the contribution from the New York State Library. Additionally, ESDN hopes to soon contribute selected digital collections from the New York State Archives, Columbia University and the Metropolitan New York Library Council’s (METRO) hosted collections to complete the initial contribution phase of the project.

Beginning in April 2015, ESDN will work to broaden contribution and to continue to grow New York content in DPLA. In addition to continuing to contribute metadata from the four large-scale hosted collections in the state, ESDN will also work with regional liaisons to increase the number of institutions with non-hosted collections contributing records to DPLA.

The success of this project thus far would not have been possible without the support of the NY3Rs Association, ESDN’s host, METRO, the ESDN regional liaisons, and of course the institutions who have agreed to contribute their metadata records to ESDN and DPLA. Their support and hard work has helped to lay the groundwork for ongoing and substantial contributions from New York cultural heritage institutions into DPLA.
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