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New NYLA Roundtable – The Pop Culture Roundtable!

By Joshua Carlson, Utica Public Library

Are you a fanboy or a fangirl?  What do you geek out about?  Do you want to learn about how to best serve your pop culture obsessed patrons?  Are you interested in starting a convention or festival at your library?  Perhaps you’re into games and gaming – video games or tabletop based and how to go about starting, or enhancing, gaming programs?  Do you simply want to know more about materials such as graphic novels and manga, films and music, and how to incorporate them into exciting programming?   

Then the new NYLA Roundtable, the Pop Culture Roundtable, is for you.  The purpose of the NYLA Pop Culture Roundtable is to provide information and resources to librarians on a variety of pop culture related topics, including but not limited to comic books and graphic novels, manga and anime, tabletop and video gaming, movies, music, film, science fiction and fantasy, geekery, and fandom.  This roundtable will be of interest to libraries of all types as both librarians and patrons of all types of libraries are interested in various facets of pop culture, and by integrating pop culture into library services and practices libraries establish a continued cultural relevancy with their patrons.

You can join the PCRT today by sending in the Membership Form, or adding PCRT membership to your NYLA renewal!  Membership is only $5.   Join the pop culture conversation now by becoming a member of the PCRT Facebook group