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From the President: February 2015

Geoff Kirkpatrick, NYLA President

Budget time is upon us.  The staff, Legislative Committee, and many individual members of NYLA are working at a furious pace to make sure that libraries are not forgotten in the state budget process.  It is easy to feel that our efforts are insignificant, that our voices are unheard or lost in the cacophony that defines New York’s budget process.  That is simply not true.

Each of us has a voice, and it matters.  Your elected officials need to hear from you.  They need to know that you, your family members, and your friends feel that funding for libraries should be a priority.  Visit the NYLA website today and take action.  The process is simple and more critical than ever.

For the first time, NYLA is hosting Community Conversations on the Tuesday before Library Advocacy Day.  If you are planning to make the trip to Albany, please consider attending this new program.  The groups will focus on member engagement and creating excellence within the library community, two key areas from NYLA’s strategic vision.  The NYLA Council is very interested in hearing your thoughts on the future of our organization.  This is an easy and fun way to make sure that your great ideas are incorporated into our Strategic Plan.  You will have other opportunities to express your thoughts, but why not get in on the ground floor?

Even though there is lots of snow on the ground, our thoughts are already turning to the annual conference marking NYLA’s 125th year that will take place next fall in Lake Placid.  For the first time, we had a round of voting so members could help inform the conference committee and section and program planners about what programs attendees want to see at the conference.  I was delighted with a very respectable turnout in the voting.  We will continue to refine the process in coming years, and I hope that it will become a routine part of the conference planning process in the future.  My special thanks to those members who took the time to participate, I appreciate your extra effort!

Geoff Kirkpatrick
NYLA President