Frequently Asked Questions

How many books can readers nominate?

Children may only nominate one title per year.

What about a series? Can readers nominate a whole series of books?

No. Readers must nominate a specific title within the series. For example, Big Nate in a Class By Himself as opposed to Big Nate.

Why can't my readers nominate books themselves? I don't have time to go in and enter all their nominations.

Good news! We're implementing student online nominations this year. Click here for a link to the student nomination pages.

Every year there seem to be a lot of Diary of a WImpy Kid books in the Top 15. Can't you limit it to just one so that students are exposed to other books? 

No, we can't. The thing that makes this award so special is that the children have 100% ownership of the results. The only time a nomination is thrown out is if it is for a previous winner. The only thing we can suggest is that you have conversations with your readers prior to them nominating and remind them of all the books they've enjoyed. 

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