How to Nominate Books:

1. Beginning September 1st of each year, nominations in three categories are accepted from New York State students in grades Pre k - 12.
         Young Reader -- Ages 4-7; PreK  Grade 2
         Children’s - Ages 8-12; Grade 3 - 6
         Teen - Ages 13-18; Grade 7 - 12
2. Children may nominate only one book.

3. Nominations must be for specific titles, not series. For example, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, as opposed to Harry Potter.

4. Previous winners are not eligible.

DEADLINE for Submission is October 31.




Timetable of Events


November - March

  • READ! READ!! READ!!!

  • Visit your local public or school library between November and March to borrow the books on the list

  • Each child must read or listen to a minimum of three books from the list of 15 finalists in order to vote in April.



  • Voting will take place in public and school libraries throughout New York State.

  • Ballots will be made available at school and public libraries, and can be printed from the 3 Apples Book Award website.

  • Only children in grades UPK-2 (ages 4-7) who have read or listened to at least 3 of the nominated titles are eligible to vote.

  • Each eligible child has one vote, cast at either their school or public library.

  • Librarians will tally the votes from their library and submit them online by April 30th.



  • The award winner will be announced on the website by May 10th.

  • Libraries across the state will sponsor events to celebrate the winner of the 3 Apples Book Award.


June – August

  • Libraries will promote the award during their summer reading programs and encourage teens to read in preparation for nominations in September.

The 3 Apples Book Award is a joint program of the Youth Service (YSS)

and School Library (SSL) Sections of the New York Library Association (NYLA).