Best Practices Award

The award winning library or system will receive a $1,000 award, a display plaque and an official press release from the Public Libraries Section of NYLA for the library or system to distribute to its local media outlets.

Eligibility Requirements: 
• A Public Library or Public Library System in New York State
• Attendance at the 2018 NYLA Conference
• Current Public Libraries Section Board Member Libraries’ are Ineligible
• Previous Winners are ineligible

Each letter of nomination must be accompanied by: (2 page maximum)
• Details of the technology used, with appropriate links.
• Description of why the technology was implemented.
• Information about the library “after” the technology was implemented and how the changes have affected library service.
• Demographic information about the community, population served, annual budget, and annual circulation.

The project must have been complete by December 31, 2017.

The deadline is June 29, 2018. To apply for a Public Libraries Best Practices Award, please email a letter meeting the criteria outlined above Please put “Public Libraries Best Practices Award” in the subject line. Questions may be sent to the same email address.