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News from ASLS

ASLS Board members Elaine Lasada Berman and Karen Gardner-Athey attended the Academic Libraries Conversation meeting held August 11 at the NYLA Office.  This meeting was billed as:  “a meeting is to convene a gathering of representatives of the NY Academic Library Community to discuss how to best ‘fill the void’ in the ‘post NYSHEI era’, as well as to explore opportunities for greater support by NYLA and expanded collaboration” Other attendee included former NYSHEI Board members, representatives of the NY3Rs as well as NYLA Council members.  It is planned that more meetings and conversations will take place in the future to further the goal of better serving our member libraries.


This year ASLS was very pleased to receive several applications for awards.  This made the Awards Committee job more difficult but very rewarding.    We are pleased to announce the following award winners:

ASLS/3Rs Special Grant

The ASLS/3Rs Special Grant winner this year is Jessica Clemons from SUNY Environmental Sciences and Forestry.  She is planning on using this award to fund a project to  hire a student to assist in the creation of metadata for online digital collections of their faculty work, making it more accessible to other researchers and the public.

ASLS Library Innovation Awards

This year there are two ASLS Library Innovation Awards!  

Kim Myers, from SUNY Brockport,  received the award for her work developing of her campus library’s Digital Commons Institutional Repository.

Jane Minotti, Senior Librarian at the NYS Department of Transportation, received the award for her efforts to make it possible for Department of Transportation libraries in 20 states to develop innovative tools to more effectively serve their patrons.

Congratulations to all of our winners, as well as our sincere appreciation to all of those who applied for these awards.