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Executive Director's Report

Executive Director’s Report – October 2014

All Together Now

My father was a Navy Sea-Bee during the Vietnam War.  He tells a story about an R&R picnic that included all of the troops stationed at the base.  The Marines challenged the Sea-Bees to a tug-of-war.  The Marines held a clear advantage in size and strength.  The Sea-Bees quietly conferred with one another as the contest was about to begin, and coordinated their actions to be in unison.  Each one grabbed the rope and pulled back at the same time, all reaching forward and taking another pull, again in unison.  Despite the might of the Marines, the Sea-Bees dug them into the mud pit.  The moral of the story? Working together in unison is a powerful force modifier.

As we prepare for the coming Legislative Session, NYLA is here to be that unifying force.  By enlisting the entire library community; librarians, staffers, trustees, friends and patrons, and ensuring that we are all delivering consistent messaging, we can be stronger than any one if us on our own.

Commit now to take action when you hear the call to speak up for libraries. With only a couple of mouse-clicks and a few keystrokes you can let your elected representatives know you support libraries and library funding.  In less than two minutes you can place a call to your Legislator and tell them you want them to stand with libraries.  By committing just a few hours, you can visit a district office and deliver the message face to face.  And in just one day you can join with over one thousand other advocates in an outpouring of support for libraries at Library Advocacy Day in Albany.

In Albany the squeaky wheel gets the grease – and the issues with the most voices gets the funding.  Be one voice that joins with others to make our message heard.

NYLA Library Advocacy Day – Wednesday, February 25, 2015

NYLA Strategic Plan 2014-2017

In August a taskforce of NYLA Council member participated in a day and a half strategic planning retreat with the charge of updating NYLA’s Strategic Plan.  The group was comprised of representatives from public, school and academic libraries, as well as library systems.  The resulting draft document proposes revisions to NYLA’s mission statement, the confirmation of three guiding principles and a set of objectives for each.  The document is now available for review and comment by NYLA members.

NYLA Strategic Plan 2014-2017 DRAFT (PDF)

Comments can be directed to any member of the taskforce (listed below).

The NYLA Council will be considering the document for approval at the November 5 meeting, and if approved, the document will be presented for endorsement at the NYLA Annual Membership Meeting on November 6 at the Annual Conference in Saratoga Springs.

Strategic Planning Taskforce Members:
Sara Kelly Johns, NYLA President
Geoff Kirkpatrick, NYLA President-Elect
Debby Emerson, NYLA President-Elect-Elect
Sue Kowalski, Councilor-at-Large-Elect
Rebecca Lubin, Council-at-Large-Elect
Marcy Strong, Councilor-at-Large
Chrissie Morrison, YSS President
Tim Burke, NYLA Treasurer
Mike Neppl, NYLA Director of Government Relations
Jeremy Johannesen, NYLA Executive Director

Thanks to all who participated in the creation of this document and to those who will review and comment on it.

Library Assistants Training Program

A Professional Development Course for non-MLS Library Staff

The newly updated Library Assistants Training Program is being offered at the Ramapo Catskill Library System (RCLS) in March 2015.  This certificate bearing, non-credit program, is sponsored by NYLA in cooperation RCLS. It is open to individuals already working or newly hired in libraries, or people interested in working in libraries. The program is designed to accelerate the professional development of library assistants and support staff.

The course is offered on the same day over the course of three weeks (e.g. three consecutive Tuesdays), and each class is six hours long.  The sessions include: Introduction, Reference Services, Public Services, and Technical Services.

Ramapo Catskill Library System, Middletown, NY
Tuesday, March 10, 2015    9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Tuesday, March 17, 2014    9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Tuesday, March 24, 2015    9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

All materials and lunch each day are included in the registration fee.

To Register for the RCLS Library Assistants Training Program - Click Here

To inquire about bring the program to a library system near you, please contact me at

See you in Saratoga Springs!
As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Jeremy Johannesen

NYLA Executive Director
518-432-6952 Ext. 101