Formulating a Working Budget/Financial Considerations

Although there is no way to actually present a real working budget in this toolkit, there are costs that must be taken into consideration for you to establish your working budget:

  • Venue/space rental fee
  • Renting tables and chairs for breakout rooms, vendors/exhibitors, and author autographing if the venue does not have them available for your use
  • Travel expenses for presenters, including a keynote
  • Publicity (e.g.: flyers, posters, ads)
  • Printing the book festival program
  • Audiovisual equipment including, but not limited to, microphones, sound mixers, screens, projectors, and laptops (local schools, organizations, colleges or universities may be willing to loan you all or part of the necessary equipment)
  • T-shirts or buttons for volunteers
  • Refreshments for presenters (like bottles of water)
  • Signage at the festival

Income can be generated from vendors’ and exhibitors’ fees, book festival bookstore sales, and ads placed in the festival program by publishers, exhibitors, and local organizations and businesses.

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