CULS/ASLS Programs

Non-NYLA Conference Programs

Spring Meeting-May 6, 1961

Held at Union College: Chair Mr. Webb from Union, Miss Helen Sears of Wells College and Mr. Bruce Brown of Colgate-presented reports on the 3R’s Legislation and why it did not go through the Legislature. 

Program-March 11, 1962

A second program on the 3R’s was held in conjunction with RTSS. 

Spring Meeting-May 12, 1962-Wells College

Jean Connor from DLD (need to get name at that time) on the 3R’s. Also a panel discussion in the afternoon, which included State Senator George R. Metcalf. 

Program-October 17, 1962(?)

In conjunction with Children and Young Adults Services Section and School Libraries Section on the "Effect of Upgrading the High Schools on School, College and Public Libraries" and the announcement of the creation of the School Libraries Bureau as an independent part of State Ed. 

Program-October 19, 1962(?)-RPI

In conjunction with RTSS held Circles of Information covering 10 topics (didn’t write them down but they are available in the folder) 

Spring Meeting-May 18, 1963-Colgate University

ILL cooperation reports by Joseph Hart, Audrey North and Walter Pilkington in the morning. In the afternoon a program by Joseph Newcomb on the latest information on federal legislation relating to library development and a program by James A. Storing (Dean at Colgate) "The Faculty Looks at the Librarian." There were 81 in attendance. 

Spring Meeting-May 16, 1964-Hobart & William Smith College

Dr. Urban Tigner Holmes of the University of North Carolina spoke on Medieval libraries. 

Conference-October 7-10, 1964

Guests of the Dag Hammarskjöld Library of the United Nations. Dr. Morris Gelfand spoke on University Libraries in Developing Countries. This was a print copy from microfiche or microfilm that was very difficult to read. 

Spring Meeting-1966-Cortland

Discussion groups in the morning and "Problems in Library Buildings" in the afternoon. There was a flyer in the folder giving all the information. 

Spring Meeting-May 6, 1967-Manhattanville College, Purchase

A panel discussion on Book Selection, a program by John Nathan on "Trends in Oriental Literature" and a presentation by Roger Straus, President of Farrar, Straus and Giroux. 

Spring Meeting-May 4, 1968-Skidmore College

This was a joint conference with RTSS on Library Network Cooperation. Speakers included Edwin K. Tolan, CDLC President and Director, Union College; Louis E. Martin, University of Rochester, 5 Associated University Library Organizations; Robert Schalau, College Cent er of the Finger Lakes Library Center; Mary Jane Reed, Head of Cataloging at RPI, Project MARC. 

Spring Meeting-May 4-5, 1973-Albany

Academic Libraries as Learning Centers presented by Dean George Bobinski and Dr. J. Ellison and A Learning Center for Librarians (Circles of Discussion: On-line Cataloging, Bibliographic Control, Blanket Orders, Non-Book Media, etc.)) 

Spring Meeting-1974- Not Held 

Spring Meeting-April 30, 1977-Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

This was a day long program-"Librarian as Teacher: Practical Strategies for Teaching Library Courses. The program was conducted by Dr. Barbara Stanford, Assistant Professor of Education, Utica College and Dr. Gene Stanford, Director of Teacher Education Programs, Utica College. The emphasis of the program was on educational methodology in teaching courses and conducting classes in bibliography, research techniques, etc. 

Spring Meeting-March 22, 1978-New York Statler Hilton 

Libraries on Line -- Affiliated with the Library Association of the City Univer sity of New York at their annual institute. 

Spring Meeting-April 28-29, 1978-New York University

Joseph F. Shubert, State Librarian and Assistant Commissioner for Libraries, spoke on the Library and Information Services Program Bill and its potential for bringing public, school, and special libraries into closer regional intersystem cooperation to benefit users of all backgrounds and ages. The second speaker was Edward C. Sullivan, chairperson of the State Assembly’s Subcommittee on Libraries. Mr. Sullivan spoke about the provision of an intersystem council in each library region to coordinate public library systems, BOCES-related systems, and 3R’s systems as presented in his revised version of the Assembly bill. 

Spring Meeting-May 4-5, 1979-Skidmore College

Topics included "A Liberal Education in the State and Federal Context of Libraries" and "Library Cooperation: Plans and a Look Toward the Future. 

Spring Meeting-May 9-10,1980-Rochester Institute of Technology

"Preservation Planning" held in conjunction with the Upstate New York Chapter of SLA. 

Spring Meeting-May 15-16, 1981-CUNY Graduate Center

"Networking Developments for Academic and Special Libraries" held in conjunction with the Greater New York Metro Area Chapter of ACRL. Short presentations on Friday with tours and visits on Saturday. 

Spring Meeting-April 12, 1982-Colgate

"How Far and How Much?" held in conjunction with ENY/ACRL. 

Spring Meeting-May 7-8, 1982(?)-Buffalo/Amherst

"Libraries Are---People, Machines, Collections" held in conjunction with Western NY/Ontario ACRL and Upstate New York Chapter of SLA. 

Spring Meeting-April 29, 1983-City University

"How I learned to Stop Worrying and to Love the Computer: Working in the Automated Library Environment" in conjunction with SMART and Metro ACRL. 

Spring Meeting-May 11, 1984-LeMoyne College

"Integrated Online Library Systems" in conjunction with SMART. 

Spring Meeting-March 22, 1985-CUNY Graduate Center

"Library Interior space Planning and Design" held in conjunction with LACUNY. 

Spring Meeting-April 25-26, 1986-Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Two workshops on professional images and stress management were held on Friday. Saturday was a full day program on "Cost Recovery: The Selling of Information". This was held in conjunction with the Upstate New York Chapter of SLA. 

Spring Meeting-April 28, 1989-Rochester(?)

"The Art of Giving Quality Service" held in conjunction with the Special Libraries Association. 

Spring Conference-March 22 & 23, 1990-Syracuse University

"Harmony in a Time of Change: Finding Common Ground" was a statewide conference for academic and special librarians with programming to cover themes of importance to librarians as the end of this century is approached. There were also exhibits. Held in conjunction with SUNYLA, Upstate SLA, ARLISS, ALLUNY, ACRL Western New York / Ontario Chapter. 

Fall Meeting-November 15, 1991-Fashion Institute of Technology

"Challenge of Diversity in the Academy: Involvement or Alienation" as a co-sponsor with ACRL/NY. 

Spring Conference-March 20, 1992-Siena College

"Academic Librarians: the Challenge of Change" as a co-sponsor with ENY/ACRL. 

SUNYLA Conference-June 10-12, 1992-SUNY Oneonta

Co-sponsorship of pre-conference program "Writing the Journal Article and Getting It Published " presented by Richard Johnson. 

Academic Directors-October 12-13,1995-Quality Inn, Albany

"Academic Libraries 2000: An Agenda for New York State’s Academic Libraries" Conference (sponsored by ASLS and NYTRO)

Academic Directors-September 25-26, 1997-Desmond Americana, Albany

"Academic Libraries 2000 II: An Agenda for New York State’s Academic Libraries" Conference (sponsored by ASLS and NYTRO) 

Academic Directors-October 2-3, 2003-Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center, Syracuse (5th Biennial Conference)