The following is a list of conference programs and Continuing Education programs planned and presented by the Academic and Special Libraries Section (formerly College and University Libraries Section) at the NYLA Annual Conference. 


Business meeting included discussion of an ILL Survey, asking Directors to write in support of the establishment of an office of College Library Consultant as part of the State Ed., survey on faculty Status. 

Unknown date

  • Personnel Problems and Policies of College and University Libraries-panel discussion.
  • Prof. George S. Bonn of Rutgers University School of Library Science spoke on libraries in Japan and Turkey 

1963 or 4

  • The Student and his Reading
  • Current Problems Facing Academic Libraries
  • Effect of Upgrading the High Schools on School, College and Public Libraries 


  • The Adult Learner and the Academic Library
  • Mediated orientation programs from 25 college libraries 


  • Present and Future Impact of Computerized Library Systems and Staffing Organization in Libraries
  • Going Out of Bibliographic Control—A Theory of Library Organization Based on Human Principles
  • Developing Objectives for Library Instruction (workshop)
  • Developing Printed Media for Library Instruction (workshop)
  • Copyright Update 


  • Copyright Update
  • Author to Editor to Book: The Life and Times of Book Editors, or Planning the Unpredictable
  • Social Science Computer-Based Reference Services
  • Concepts and Issues in Bibliographic Instruction
  • Collection Management: Deselection 


  • Care and Feeding of Special Collections
  • Perspectives on Organizational Dynamics and the Library in Colleges and Universities
  • National Enquiry into Scholarly Communication
  • Some Library Users Look at Academic Libraries: or, do We Need a Library Users’ Bill of Rights
  • Specialized Librarians in the Groves of Academe
  • Becoming Self-Conscious about Our Collection Development Policies 


  • Realities: AACR II-What Will It Do To You?
  • 3R’s For College and University Librarians: A Discussion of Recipes, Results, and Realities of Education for the Profession
  • The Realities of Getting Published (2 Part Program) 


  • Library Skills: Everybody’s Job
  • Data Bases—Patron Use
  • Systems Integration in the 80’s
  • Interlibrary Loan: Alternatives to Hierarchical Networks
  • New York State Documents—A Review
  • Resources Sharing—Making it Happen 


  • Experto Credite: Experts Speak on Expert Systems
  • User Surveys
  • CCDA: After five Years, What Next?
  • OCLC: The Role of Users 


  • User Surveys
  • The Role of the Librarian on a Research Team
  • Relationships Between Academic Libraries and Computing Centers
  • The New Technologies: Service and Economic Issues
  • Technological Anxiety: Impact of the Information Revolution
  • Poster Sessions 


  • The Development and Management of Online Databases
  • Concern for People-Concern for Purpose: The Electronic Reference Station
  • The Inside Story of a Longshot Proposal: Buffalo’s National Earthquake Center and….
  • Tracing Your Family History: A Geneaology Workshop 


  • Developing Women’s Studies Collections
  • Documentary Heritage Program
  • Mentoring
  • Coordinated Collection Development Between Academic and Special Libraries
  • Lobbying for Academic and Special Library Issues
  • Managing Reference Service with Computer Assistance
  • Managing One-Person Libraries 


  • Government Documents for Business Reference
  • Family Literacy in the Library
  • The 1990 Census: When and How Will We Get the Results?
  • Changing Library Demographics: What Libraries Need to do to Meet New Demands
  • Funds from the Feds: Three Successful Title II-D Automation Proposals
  • Comparing and Sharing: METRO’s Collection Inventory Project—Four –Year Update
  • New York State’s Documentary Heritage Program
  • Optical Discs: The Impact of a new Technology in the Library 


  • Surface Delivery and Electronic Transfer of ILL’s
  • Calm After the Storm: Re-Evaluating Serials After Budget Cuts and Cancellations
  • Library Skills for New Technology
  • Presentation of the IAIMS Project at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
  • New Beginnings in Consumer Health Information
  • Doorways to Libraries through Telecommunications
  • Politics, Power and Planning
  • What Else Can You Do With an Online Catalog?
  • Documenting New York City
  • CE Program: Management of Historical Records and Archives: An Introduction for Librarians
  • CE Program: Learning Collection Assessment Techniques 


  • Legal Reference Sources for Non-Law Librarians
  • Strategic Planning through Staff Retreats
  • Library Disasters: Planning for the Unplannable
  • Getting It All Done and Keeping It All Together
  • Team Management: A Strategy for Empowerment
  • Opening the Library with the American Disabilities Act
  • Bridging the BI Gap
  • CE Program Bibliographic Instruction Techniques for the ‘90’s 


  • Foreign Language Resources for a Changing Population
  • Business Reference Resources for the Non-Specialist
  • Counting on the Disc: US and Canadian CD-ROM Census Data
  • Direct Patron Access to Networked Information Resources
  • Identifying and Developing Staff Strengths
  • As the Cursor Blinks: Computers, Thinking and BI 


  • Teaching the Use of the Internet to Faculty and Students
  • Developing a Consumer Health Connection
  • Special Library Service: HIV/AIDS Information
  • Primary Sources: A Second Look at First Rate Teaching Tools
  • Creative Frugality: Coping with Academic Library Crises
  • Reference and the Internet 


  • Confronting the Internet and New Technologies
  • How to Market Your Academic or Special Library
  • Internet Resources for Technical Services
  • Library Staff Training and Development Issues
  • Multimedia Workstations in the Library
  • Promoting RMI Prevention
  • Z39.50 and Interlibrary Cooperation
  • CE Program: The Librarian and the Web 


  • Libraries/Business: (Un)likely Bedfellows?
  • Reference to Distance Learners
  • The ”Value Thing”: WWW and BI
  • Library Survey Techniques
  • High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech
  • Preserving Our Libraries’ Treasures
  • Oh, My Aching Back! Creating a Total Quality Work Environment 


  • CE Program: Internet Issues in the Workplace
  • Distance Learning and Libraries
  • Electronic Media: Collection Development
  • Seamless Scanning in the Virtual Library
  • Small but Vital Libraries
  • CD-ROM Servers and Networking
  • Geographical Information: New Frontiers
  • BI: The PREMIER Portfolio 


  • Outsourcing: Issue or Opportunity?
  • Building Your Digital Infrastructure
  • Who Do You Think You Are? BI and Info Lit.
  • Glimpsing the Future
  • Space Planning: Shifting Priorities
  • PeopleNet: Person to Person Networking
  • Customer Needs, Customer Focus 


  • Online Community: Wild West or Our Town
  • Institute for Information Literacy
  • %%%Statistics, Statistics, Statistics%%%
  • Partnerships in Consumer Health
  • Free Speech at a Cost
  • Glimpsing the Future
  • CE Program Managing Chaos: Internet Policy, Law… 


  • Exhibit This!
  • Glimpsing the Future
  • Hidden Treasures of Albany
  • New Standards for College Libraries: A Step Backward?
  • Website Collection Development
  • CE: Using Your Data: Practical Methods for Making Decisions Using the Numbers Your Library Collects 


  • Virtual Cooperation:
  • Hidden Treasures of Buffalo
  • Glimpsing the Future 2002
  • Marketing: Not a Dirty Word
  • InfoLit for ALL Students
  • Energize Your Career Through Mentoring