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From the Archives

This issue’s From the Archives provides a look at the early days of the New York Library Association.  Thanks to Google Books and the Cornell University Library, we have a look at The Manual of the New York Library Association (1921)(PDF).  It gives us a look at the early days of the association, including names of those who held positions in NYLA, the location of various conference  and the by-laws of the organization.

Some fun facts from the manual:

  • •    Any person could become a life member upon payment of $25.  The only life members at the time were the entire Hafner family (4) all living at 151 West 25th Street (NYC) and Margaret Hayes, the librarian from the Geneva (NY) Library
  • •    Mary E. Hazeltine was the first woman president in 1902
  • •    The second woman president was Mrs. H.L. Elmendorf in 1904.  Mr. H.L. Elmendorf was president in 1901 Hmmm
  • •    Not all NYLA conferences were held in New York State.  In 1892 the conference  was held in Lakewood NJ
  • •    Attendance for the 1920 Conference in Lake Placid was 302.  Hopefully we will exceed that number in 2015 when we return to Lake Placid. 

Take a look at the membership rooster and see if your predecessor was a NYLA member.