Induction Excerpts

From the Reader’s Almanac, the blog of the Library of America on the 2013 honorees:

Honor Moore on Marilyn Hacker
Daniel Gallant on Miguel Piñero: “he blazed a memorable trail through New York City’s cultural scene”
Paul O. Zelinsky on Maurice Sendak: “books for children can and should acknowledge a full range of human emotions”
Charles Molesworth on Countée Cullen: “one of the most modest of” New York writers
Dan Barry on Alice McDermott: exploring the human condition with “the echo of the regionally familiar”
Henry S. F. Cooper Jr. celebrates the environmental vision of his ancestor James Fenimore Cooper

From the Reader’s Almanac, the blog of the Library of America on the 2012 honorees:

Liesl Schillinger on E. L. Doctorow’s chronicles of the American century
Alice Quinn on Marianne Moore, “the stealth weapon of American poetry”
A birthday tribute to Toni Morrison
Ross Posnock on Henry James’s fascination with the “terrible town” of New York
Eleanor Bergstein on Joyce Carol Oates’s ability to tap the “chaotic and wild places inside us all”
Elizabeth L. Bradley on Washington Irving’s greatest contribution to American letters: the New York story
Jessica Tuchman Mathews on Barbara W. Tuchman and her “independence of spirit”
Langdon Hammer on Hart Crane
Eve Stwertka remembers Mary McCarthy’s “thrillingly civilized life”

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