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Libraries Change Lives…

By: Carol Anne Germain, NYLA Immediate Past-President

At the last annual conference, we were honored with an extended visit from the ALA president Barbara Stripling. She met with many NYLA members and her Saturday morning presentation was exceptional. Over the week, she highlighted her Libraries Change Lives Campaign and encouraged NYLA members to sponsor signing events at their home libraries.  At the annual membership meeting I put forward that I would bring the Declaration for the Right to Libraries back to the University at Albany and engage our students, faculty and administrators in this movement.

I worked with Abi Simkovic (president of the Student Chapter of the American Library Association at the University at Albany -SCALA) and scheduled a 2 day signing event. We worked together with members of SCALA and undergraduate volunteers who staffed the table at the University’s Student Campus Center (uptown campus) on November 19th and at Rockefeller College (downtown campus) on November 20th. Over the two days, 1060 people (mainly undergraduate students) signed the posters! It was an exciting and positive event which emphasized the value of libraries and librarians, and prompted many signers to comment on how libraries had changed their lives.