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News from SSL

SSL is taking an active role in the 2014 School Library Summit.  NYLA President Sara Kelly Johns’ initiative to guide the direction for school libraries for the next five years is off to a great start after two conference calls.  

The Mission and Vision statements are nearly completed and will shape our work over the next few months. Various members of the committee are working on the objectives and activities for the five core strands: Curriculum and Instruction, Materials Support, Professional Development, Program Assessment, and Administrative Support.

Along with Jeremy Johannesen and Sara Kelly Johns are the State Librarian, Bernie Margolis, SED, John Brock; DLD, Mary Beth Farr; ALA, Barbara Stripling; AASL Region 2, Sue Bartle;  SLSA, Katie Bertrand, Paige Jaeger, Melissa Jacobs-Israel, and Rebecca Gerald; Big 5 SLS, Richard Hasenyager, and Michael Cambria; and SSL, Sue Kowalski, Jill Leinung and Karen Sperrazza.