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50 Years Ago, Libraries & Librarians Were Visible at New York World's Fair.

Among highlights planned for the library exhibit (as reported in the March-April 1964 NYLA Bulletin on p. 39) were: a collection of over 2,000 reference books; six professional librarians on duty at all times; a UNIVAC 490 Real-Time Computing System for retrieval in seconds of requested reading lists and essays on 76 broad subjects; The President's Collection (an adult collection of books which were selected by a group of librarians at the request of the late President Kennedy); a theater and reading area for children staffed by children's librarians; a collection of 2,000 domestic and 500 foreign books for children; story hours and motion pictures for children; and a Dial-a-Book service for young adults which will produce a pre-recorded review of the book selected.  
The NYLA Bulletin of March-April 1964 announced that NYLA Day (which had been announced to take place on October 11, 1964) was canceled.
A later item (November-December 1964 NYLA Bulletin) about the 71st annual NYLA conference (October 7-10 in New York City) reported that a veritable "thundering herd" (their term!) of librarians attended a special guided tour of the U.S. Pavilion and Library/USA on Thursday evening, October 8. The July-August NYLA Bulletin said that this guided tour service was going to be offered by a committee headed by Edward Duncan of the New York Public Library staff.  After the tour of the U.S. Pavilion and Library/USA, 300 "biblio-tourists" (again, their term!) had a special showing of the General Motors Futurama.