LTA Seeks Formation of New NYLA Section

There is a long-standing partnership between the Library Trustees Association (LTA) and NYLA.

As increased collaboration and unity strengthens the library community of New York State as a whole, the boards of both organizations are supporting an effort to establish a new Section within NYLA to coordinate the operations of LTA.

A motion has been advanced by NYLA Members and LTA Board Members, Jean Currie, and Martha Anderson, to create a new NYLA Section to represent Library Trustees.

The Library Trustees Association, Section of NYLA (LTA)

Purpose: The Library Trustees Association, Section of NYLA, (LTA), represents, assists, educates, and honors public library boards and their trustees as providers of universal library service.

The core activities of LTA include:
•    Advocating support of libraries and their programs;
•    Communication with library trustees to inform them of issues affecting libraries and library services;
•    Education of trustees about their role in the library, and
•    Recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of library trustees.

In order to advance this request to the NYLA Council, and then on to the NYLA membership, the signatures of 300 NYLA members must be collected by petition.  To electronically add your support, follow the instructions below.

In order to electronically sign the petition in support of forming an LTA Section, click SIGN PETITION
The next screen will ask for your log-in and password.
(If needed, you can request your password HERE or from the NYLA office.)

Enter your information, click "Log On"
Click on "Voting - Polls / Elections" from the left-hand menu.
The next screen will display a list of currently active actions in which you are eligible to participate.
Click on "LTA Section Formation Petition".
Complete the endorsement process and click "Submit".


It is hoped that the required signatures will be secured in advance of the September 12 NYLA Council meeting.  The NYLA Council has extended their unofficial endorsement of this action, and therefore it is expected that the matter will be put before the NYLA Annual Membership Meeting on Thursday, November 14 in Saratoga Springs, NY. If approved the new Section would begin operation January 1, 2020.

Under this model, the Library Trustees Association, Section of NYLA (LTA) board would continue to operate to advance the mission and goals of LTA.  Internal operations would be managed by NYLA (as is the case for all Sections).

Questions can be directed to