2022 NYLA Legislative Wrap-Up

Let’s take a collective cleansing breath. Ready? Inhale. Exhale. For advocates – both grassroots and professional alike – there was a lot of that in the final days of the 2022 Legislative Session – and honestly throughout the entire five-month-long season.  

The Capitol doors remained closed to the public as the 2022 Legislative Session began. During the months of January and February, access to the Capitol and Legislative Office Building was restricted to Senators & Assembly members, their staff, and a limited cohort from the media. As a result, our annual Advocacy Day was held virtually for the second year in a row. 

Fortunately, by early Spring positive cases of the coronavirus decreased and access to the concourse and connective buildings were restored. While many representatives began traveling between their home districts and the Capitol as they had before the pandemic began, many chose to remain in their community offices and participate in their assigned committees and roll call in each chamber virtually. 

Our Library Committee members, specifically our Chairs & Rankers, remained committed to our community & our initiatives. During budget season – each house demonstrated an evolved understanding of libraries’ needs and the intersection between the patrons you serve and the constituents officials represent. 
As for advocacy, we continued to make great strides…



This was the second year of NYLA’s expanded advocacy approach at the State Capitol.  Led by the Director of Government Relations & Advocacy, each bill introduced by the Legislature was reviewed and if pertinent, was saved into one of eleven categories.  To learn more about the decision and the categories visit the Legislative Initiatives page.

Legislative Stats

NYLA Stats


S8429 (Ryan)/A9487(Jean Pierre)

Construction Project Extension


Gold Coast Library Elections


Right to Repair Act

A861 (Cahill)

Book Fair Tax Exemption

S5179 (Palumbo)/A5824A (Thiele)

Association Library Retirement Opt-In Option

S6053 (Kaplan)/A6339 (Jensen)

School Library Facility Modernization

Media Literacy Package


Media Literacy Professional Development

S8212 (Ryan)/A6225A(Rosenthal)

Library Media Specialist Requirement 


Media Literacy Advisory Group


Media Literacy Standards K-12

Looking Ahead

Over the coming weeks, NYLA will be working with its legislative allies in both houses and the Executive chamber to ensure policies we support are signed into law and those, which may burden our community – are not. We’ll be asking you all to reach out to your elected officials as well – so – stay tuned.

Know that I am incredibly proud of the work we have done over the last two years. The possibilities that lie before our community are vast and I could not be more excited for the session ahead.