Advocacy Fundamentals: A Virtual Series



From Education to Action

You have a unique and deeply-rooted interest within the field of librarianship but how do you utilize your expertise and personal experience to assist in an advocacy campaign?In this session, we’ll review the Audience Engagement Roadmap, learn how to craft impactful messaging and explore the mediums and tools available to advocates at every level.
Attendees will have the opportunity to draft their own stories afterwards and share them with others.
Presenter:  Briana McNamee, Director of Government Relations & Advocacy for the New York Library Association


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Building People's Self Advocacy Skills: An Introduction to the Right Question Strategy

Led by representatives of the Right Question Institute (RQI), this session will ask library workers to decide for themselves the need to be involved in advocacy work.

Any library worker - from a Director with a Masters to the library clerk or volunteer - needs to feel their work is valuable and critical to their communities before they can expect others to understand and appreciate the library experience.

Libraries are foundational to a healthy community. We will use the Question Formulation Technique to explore the role of the library and library workers in making libraries flourishing and well-resourced public spaces.

Presenter: Luz Santana (She/Hers), Co-Director of the Right Question Institute  & Yeja Dunn (They/Them)

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The Legislature & Libraries

Successful advocacy at the New York State Capitol requires community involvement and support from the legislature.

The general election is now in our rear view mirror and we are speeding ahead to the next two-year legislative session. Members from the Senate and Assembly will join us to discuss the 2020 Session, their roles within their respective houses, priorities and, the year ahead.

Presenters as of 11/25:

Assemblyman Sean Ryan, Chair of the Assembly Libraries & Education Technology Committee

Assemblyman Robert Smullen, Ranker of the Assembly Libraries & Education Technology Committee

Assemblywoman MaryBeth Walsh

Assemblywoman Patricia Fahy

Senator Shelly Mayer, Chair of the Senate Education Committee

Senator Rachel May, Chair of the Senate Aging Committee



Empowerment through Self Advocacy

Advocacy means fighting for the self, too. As women have cracked the glass ceiling and climbed the ladder in the working world, stereotypes about their behavior have increased. Women attempt to assert themselves when faced with challenges, yet assertive women are viewed as aggressive, mean, or bossy. Historically, librarianship has been regarded as “women’s work” and women dominate the field. However, library administrative roles are often held by men. How might women in the library world advocate for themselves and ascend these roles? Be inspired by these women who overcame challenges in the workplace.

Presenters: Donna Collins, Editor for Buffalo Business First - Lauren Moore, State Librarian for New York State - Liz Benjamin, Managing Director for Marathon Strategies - Jordine Jones, Chief of Staff for Senator Alessandra Biaggi



Understanding the Budget: From the State to the Local Level

An overview of the New York State budget process, with a focus on how state library funding flows to library systems and libraries. We'll also discuss how state budget cuts impact local libraries and strategies for advocating to elected officials at all levels. 

Presenter: Cassie Guthrie, Director of Greece Public Library - Tim Burke, Executive Director of the Upper Hudson Library System - Briana McNamee, Director of Government Relations & Advocacy at NYLA


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From Your Hometown to the Capitol

This program will have three distinct parts: (1) Policy/Budget Review (2) Crafting Your Message (3) Q/A & Participant Sharing. 

Megan Cusick, Assistant Director of State Advocacy at ALA
Jeremy Johannesen, Executive Director at NYLA
Briana McNamee, Director of Government Relations & Advocacy at NYLA




Continuing Education Credits

Each session is eligible for 1.5 CEUs.



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